15 Most Difficult Video Game Puzzles Ever


11. The Piano Puzzle – Silent Hill

When most gamers think of silent Hill, they think of the psychological horror or twisted terrors of the undead. But the series, especially the early games, has always had a reputation for offering particularly difficult puzzles.

At some point in the first game, you’ll need two medallions to continue. You know, standard survival horror game stuff. But the silver medallion requires playing piano keys in a specific order, and the only clue as to which keys to press is a poem called “A Tale of Birds Without a Voice.” Rather than having anything to do with the actual music, you just have to figure out which black and white birds the poem refers to, and therefore, the order of the keys. Yeah, it’s a pain.

Braille in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

10. Braille – Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

The Pokemon The games are widely considered to be among the easiest RPGs around, which makes it all the more unusual that Gen 3 included a series of obtuse Braille puzzles to catch three Legendary Pokemon. Yes, you can find a translation guide in one of the caves, but it is not saved in your inventory.

Instead, to complete this frustrating puzzler, you’ll have to write the entire braille alphabet, follow arcane rules like having certain Pokemon in your party, or use moves in places they shouldn’t work, and you’ll have them. finally catch. everything. Or, you can simply search for the solutions online. Or, you know, skip that part of the game altogether because it’s thankfully optional.

Puzzle rubber duck in the longest journey

9. The Rubber Duck – The Longest Journey

Imagine this: you are a young art student and, for some reason, you need to get a key that is currently stuck on an electrified subway track. Now the easiest thing to do would be to shut off the power somehow. Without it, you’d think there was probably something nearby that didn’t conduct electricity that would help you get the key. But that would make too much sense The longest trip.

Instead, you’re supposed to go back to your apartment, use a ring to get pliers from a water pressure system, throw bread crumbs for a seagull outside to damage a nearby rubber ducky. From your apartment window, pick up a clothesline, head back outside to get the rubber ducky, then put it all together to craft a makeshift fishing rod to go back and collect the key. How that made sense to anyone outside of the development team is a complete mystery.

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