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“I am convinced that we black women have a special indestructible force which enables us not only to descend, but to rise up, to cross and to overcome.” —Janet Jackson

In 2021, this has proven to be true, as women, especially black women, have taken critical steps to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. As Malcolm X said profoundly, “The most despised person in America is the black woman. The least protected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.

Therefore, when a black woman defies all odds and achieves greatness, we must do more than applaud her. We need to share their accomplishments with others. It is imperative that we honor them as they are a representation of the greatness inside every young black girl. Among the countless black women in America who do great things every day, here are six women who left their mark in 2021.

Sara Lindsay: The first person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Throughout the pandemic, average people have become heroes. Grocery store workers, nurses, doctors, guards and many other professionals have all done their part to keep everyone safe. Among those who wore an invisible cloak was Sara Lindsay. As a nurse, Lindsay struggled with COVID on a daily basis. However, one of her biggest victories came when she volunteered to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Growing up in Jamaica, Lindsey emigrated and worked in Queens, New York, which was at one time one of the most infected areas in the country. AS she was surrounded by death and suffering while working in the hospital, this vaccine was a beacon of hope for Lindsay.

What We Can Learn From Lindsay: Lindsay teaches us that there is nothing wrong with listening to science, trusting your gut, and doing what’s best for your community.

Dr Rasheeta Chandler PH.D. IA, RN, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN: defender of health problems

Another health hero is Dr. Rasheeta Chandler. The HIV virus can be fatal. Yet, a less talked about fact is that African American women have an infection rate 20 times higher than white women. Chandler’s work focuses on sexual health intervention and the overall health of minorities. His work had such an impact that the National Institute of Health Center for Scientific Review awarded him the Early Career Reviewer Award. His work extends beyond research and clinical trials in education through social media and digital technologies.

What we can learn from Dr Chandler: How important it is to use our gifts and talents to give back to our communities and to others who share our cultural and ethnic background.

RJ White: youngest female owner of a men’s basketball team

We all know that achieving our dreams can be a challenge. Crushing goals becomes more of a challenge when your dream is to be successful in a male dominated field. However, RJ White breaks the glass ceiling. White is the youngest owner of a men’s professional basketball team, the Vipers. She also intends to become the first woman to own an NBA team, a dream she has had since the age of 6.

What we can learn from White: That the seemingly impossible dreams we think of as a child can come true. Being a woman, besides being a black woman, is empowering and you can be successful in a male dominated field.

Simone Biles: American Olympic gymnast

Simone Biles is probably one of the most famous gymnasts in the world. As the exterior exudes strength, endurance, and the warrior in general, her internal strength is just as powerful. When Biles made the courageous and overly-criticized decision to withdraw from parts of the Olympics, she made history in the field of mental health. Having been the most decorated American gymnast ever, with 32 Olympic / World medals, she has shown us all that she is not going to sacrifice her well-being for the approval and praise of others.

What can we learn from Biles: That when we feel like we are carrying the weight of the world or when the pressure of society, our careers, even our friends and family become too much, we ultimately have a choice. We can continue to carry that weight and risk our safety and health, or we can lighten that weight and stay in our power.

Amanda Gorman: Youngest Inaugural Poet in U.S. History

Amanda Gorman’s poem during the 2021 presidential inauguration made everyone feel for a few moments that we were united. It is a moment that will be replayed, discussed and remembered as one of the most important speeches that honored our nation. This Harvard cum laude graduate has gone through a cycle of preparations for this moment. She embarked on research, studying the works of Maya Angelou and Elizabeth Alexander who had presented at inaugurations in the past. As the day grew closer, she felt a wave of worry and panic wash over her. Yet once she arrived on this scene, the fear flew away and she stayed with the confidence that impressed a nation.

What we can learn from Gorman: Ever since she was little, Gorman undoubtedly believed that she was destined for greatness. When she spoke to publishers four years ago about her children’s book, she mentioned that she wanted to be the first poet in 2021. She gave birth to her dream, reminding us all of the importance and power. that can come from believing in the words you speak. In Gorman’s words: “We [Black women] don’t come and play, we come to win.

Tabitha Brown: Tik Tok vegan star and New York Time bestselling author

Tabitha Brown one day started filming herself eating a vegan meal from Whole Foods Grocery Store in the front seat of her car. She uploaded it to Tik Tok and had no special equipment, fancy cameras, and her wardrobe consisted of sportswear. One viral video led to another, and soon millions of people were tapping into Brown’s videos. For one to three minutes, Brown’s soothing southern voice would enchant eyes as they watched her prepare her vegan meals. These videos led to his book Feed the soul (because it’s my business) and made the New York Times bestseller list in 2021.

What we can learn from Brown: That behind the veil of filters and overblown social media videos, authenticity is still one of the most powerful tools for influencing the masses. How powerful is your story and that by telling your story you can help change the world.

May the memories of the accomplishments of these six women be your inspiration to step out and do great things in 2022. For Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Korryn Gaines and all the women who, instead of celebrating their successes, mourn their deaths. Let’s continue to rise up and be inspired by black women who are changing the mold of what greatness looks like.

Kiersten Brown

Kiersten is a freelance writer and coach. As a writer, she has written for Travel Noire, Passion Passport, BAUCE mag and various travel and lifestyle blogs. As a writer, her goal is to write content that inspires others to take action. As a coach, his goal is to enable women to be the most authentic themselves. During her free time, you can find her dancing to any song anywhere.

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