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It is safe to say that the emergence of dusk in 2008 took the world by storm and changed the landscape of pop culture irreversibly. The story of forbidden love was told in a newly fashioned universe of vampires and werewolves, where the monsters were sleeker, classier, and far kinder than their age-old counterparts.

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However, like all good books and movies, the franchise built on what came before it and used many pop culture references and moments to explain story nuance or even just add some relativity. in material for the public. duskThe references were an odd mix of classical music, literature, very modern haunts, and Apple products.


Debussy and other classical music

Piano Scene at Dusk by Bella Edward

Born in 1901, Edward obviously had a slightly different taste in music than the other teenagers at Forks High School. dusk Book lovers would know that Edward said he was very fond of 50s music and found the 70s and 80s unbearable, but classical music was his favourite.

He was very fond of Debussy and frequently played “Claire de Lune”, both on vinyl and even on the piano alone. He was shocked to hear Bella recognize the old tune at a glance when she visited him.

Linkin Park’s Hybrid Album Theory

The Rock Gods of Linkin Park had a big impact on the franchise as a whole, with Stephanie Meyer actually listening to their songs while she was writing the books. Many of these bands ended up on the official soundtrack as well, but Linkin Park is the one that’s been mentioned more than once in the books.

As Bella searched and discovered Edward’s dark truth, she cried out to Linkin Park to clear her head and channel her emotions. In Midnight SunEdward asked her which CD was in her drive, and she mentioned Hybrid theory by Linkin Park.

“Anything Austen” and Other Classics

Bella is holding a book and turning around in Twilight.

Over the decades, Jane Austen’s novels were adapted into movies, and they were also some of Bella Swan’s favorite books to read. In her own words, she loved “Anything Austen” and her favorite reads were Pride and Prejudice and Sense and sensitivityeven though she didn’t see the appeal of Emma.

Besides Austen influencing Bella’s mind, she also enjoyed Shakespearean plays like Romeo and Julietand other books like Jane Eyre and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Bella’s cover

American road trippers and travelers would recognize the various restaurants, museums, tourist spots and fairs that found their way onto the cover of Bella in Eclipse which Renee sewed for her as a graduation and college entrance present.

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Many cities and states like Maine, Pittsburgh, Hawaii, Texas, Tiburon, Newport and Seattle found representation on the colorful patchwork cover, and many fans had fun choosing their favorite restaurants and cafes on it.

The film abduction of Taylor Lautner

Although Jacob and Bella occasionally made fans cringe, their interactions could be quite witty when they needed to be. They joked a lot and had a charged interaction, in particular, which alluded to another movie that Taylor Lautner had starred in besides being in The Twilight Saga.

In Twilight, Bella sees Jacob again after a long disappearance and asks him where he was. Their jokes included Bella saying “Didn’t I see your face on a milk carton?” which was a clear allusion to the film Removal, where Lautner’s character ended up on a missing person’s website and finds out he’s been kidnapped.

Renesemee’s Bedtime Lullaby

Twilight Breaking Dawn CGI Baby Renesmee

As always, the films also depicted the inclination towards the classics, and Renesmee’s Lullaby at Night was a surprisingly morbid poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Bella sat in bed with her and read a few lines of Loto eatersa poem whose main themes are death and isolation.

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Bella read her a part about sleeping happily, but soon after, Renesmee asked Bella if Alice and Jasper had run away because the Cullens were heading for death, which didn’t. to affirm the meaning of the poem in the film.

Comparisons between Cathy and Heathcliff


The love triangle between Bella and her supernatural companions caused the infamous rivalry between Edward and Jacob, but Bella was enthusiastic enough to perform her role and she berated herself using references from Bronte. The Wuthering Heights.

In books and movies, she is often seen reading it, much to Edward’s confusion, and she compares herself to Cathy – a heartless thing who couldn’t choose between her loves and led to all their ruin. . This meant that Edward was Heathcliff and Jacob was Edgar in this comparison.

Apple products and email

Bella browses her computer in New Moon.

In New Moon, Bella was unceremoniously abandoned not only by Edward but by all of the Cullens. She lost a best friend in Alice’s absence, and was seen emailing her, or at least trying, as the emails never elicited a response.

Upon closer inspection, the email addresses were associated with a “me.com” domain, and Bella used a Mac laptop to do her research and send those emails.

Watch Frankenstein in the 1930s

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 Edward's Flashback

In Twilight, there’s a vivid flashback Edward had to his vigilante days in the 1930s where he killed murderers and other predators in order to sate his own bloodlust.

In the black and white scene, Edward is seen sitting in a movie theater playing a Frankenstein adaptation, probably the 1931 one, or the 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein.

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