A poet mourns the Earth; Others sing songs of immigration


By Eileen Wingard

Eileen Wingard

LA JOLLA, California – The 14the The Season of Jewish Poets — Jewish Voices kicked off last Monday evening with a stellar program that drew 70 attendees to Zoom.

It opened with a poem read by local psychologist and poet Richard Alan Schere. A sample of its offers, Echo, can be read below. It is a poem that should be on the desk of all politicians as they contemplate their actions on climate change. Other poems by Schere showed a lighter side with a refined sense of humor. Schere has made recordings and his work is in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. We were fortunate to have such an accomplished poet opening our series.

The mother-daughter team of Ruth Weber and Emelia Lopez-Yanez presented a performance video of poems written by Ruth’s immigrant grandmother, Betty Karon Hertz, which they set to music. Both mother and daughter are award winning songwriters and Emelia has a beautiful, expressive voice, with excellent articulation. In addition, she is an excellent professional oboist and this talent has been used well in video performances, while her mother, Ruth, accompanied on the keyboard and in some cases sang. Additionally, both women are attractive to look at and used enchanting sets and beautiful costumes to enhance their presentations. Their album “Songs Of An Immigrant” is available via this site

Echo by Dr Richard Alan Schere

Orbiting the disaster,

Nobody or planet, it doesn’t matter

Running faster and faster,

Person and planet were all we have

And it’s getting too dark to remember

the truths we already know

That fires and floods will dismember

the shoots and grains that we need are growing.

As the mountains are about to crumble,

As the ice water melts and expands,

As the proud forests weaken and crumble,

As the oceans spill over the land,

And as we fall deep into nowhere

engulfed by infinite space,

An echo is all we’ll hear,

A guilt that we will all have to face:

sorry……sorry… ..sorry… ..

Have…..have… ..have… ..

sorry… ..sorry…..Sorry… ..

But the worst thing we will have to take with us:

No more children to forgive us.

To access Ruth Weber and Emelia Lopez-Yanez’s song, I Have A Dream: https://youtu.be/2iC_59n4EVM

These were just samples of the creative work we were treated to last Monday night. The next Jewish Poets — Jewish Voices program will once again feature three local poets, followed by a half hour of open mic. It will take place Monday evening, January 24 at 7 p.m. on Zoom and will feature Elaine Moore, Martin Bobrowsky and Carla Berg.

Eileen Wingard, retired San Diego Symphony Orchestra violinist, is a freelance writer specializing in arts coverage. She can be contacted via [email protected]


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