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Hamm won the Stanley Hanks Memorial Poetry Prize several years ago, and some of his poems have been selected for numerous anthologies, including the New Poetry in the Midwestern series. Additionally, it has been nominated for Pushcart Award and Best of the Net multiple times over the past 10 years. In 2019 he had a poem that was selected for inclusion in the World Scholar’s Cup program. About 50,000 students from around the world studied the poem, and the WSC transported Hamm to Manila to discuss his poetry with the students during one of their rounds of competitions.

In addition to his poetry, he wrote a variety of works, including three complete books entitled “Lessons in Ruin”, “American Ephemeral” and “The Inheritance”. He has also published two book chapters, and his work is regularly published in journals and literary journals. He tries to stay active in the “live reading scene”.

His interest in photography came later when he realized he wanted to write about the Midwest. So he started taking pictures so that he could write better descriptions.

Justin Hamm’s interest in photography came when he realized he wanted to write about the Midwest. He started taking pictures so he could write better descriptions.

Justin hamm

“Ultimately, I got interested in making the images better and more interesting as well,” he said.

Hamm said he was inspired by “old things, broken things, grainy things”.

“Americana has always been a great source of inspiration [for me], “he said.” In my photos, I try to portray a rustic, weathered version of the Midwest. In my poems, I populate that frame with the human element.

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