Advocate Poet fights social ills with art



LOCAL poet and founder of Africa Immortal Orators (AIO) Langton Munyaradzi Chemhere, popularly known as Advocate Poet, has said he uses art to tackle social ills such as the violation of human rights. man.

In an interview with NewsDayLife & Style, Advocate Poet said he founded AIO to identify natural talent.

“I founded Africa Immortal Orators in 2016. It is an organization for poets, writers and other art forms where people preach advocacy through poetry, writing or other artistic disciplines.

“We are also involved in a number of projects such as awareness workshops for young people who are struggling with social ills like drug addiction,” he said.

“Africa Immortal Orators has grown so big that we now cover all African countries as we seek to positively inspire the world and provide edutainment through poetry.”

He said his desire was to take advocacy poetry around the world.

“I seek to change many lives through my art, raising young poets so that poetry has a chance to be broadcast on television and give back to my community,” he said.

“My dream is also to work with non-governmental organizations to identify young poets in rural areas and ghettos as well as to collaborate with poets and musicians. “

Advocate Poet, who is also the brand ambassador for Muka Arts Africa, said he is working on his second poetry album which will be released next year.

“My advocacy poetry is life, when it hits the ear you feel no pain, poetry with meaning, poetry with teaching, poetry with feeling and poetry with healing,” he said. -he declares.

“I performed COVID-19 awareness poems on different digital platforms and also worked as a volunteer at the Norton COVID-19 call center alongside advisers and local MP Temba Mliswa during a campaign to community awareness of COVID-19, ”he said.

By way of advice, he said that aspiring poets should believe in themselves, in God, work hard and never give up because the world awaits them.

“Don’t worry, why you didn’t make it, but someone else did. Not everyone who walks fast doesn’t have a date, some have a runny stomach, so don’t compete because you get bitter, ”he said.

“Be strong and patient with life, your time will come. Go at your own pace and get better.

Advocate Poet describes himself as a humble and hardworking Christian.

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