An Epic Poem” is a vibrant story of a long-forgotten civilization and a hero of prophecy


“The Death Song of Wen’etra: An Epic Poem”: the thrilling story of a mysterious deity, a lost people and a legendary hero. “The Death Song of Wen’etra: An Epic Poem” is the creation of published author Wesley R. Turner, a devoted husband and graduate of Kentucky Christian University.

Turner shares, “More than twenty years have passed since the ancient Ushani tablets were discovered. Now translated, they reveal an epic tale that once became the mainstay of a civilization long gone.

“Like many cultures, the Ushani had a history of creation. At the beginning of all things, the deity Wen-Eba created everything. He manipulated the vast colors within him to form the beasts of air, earth and sea; all creatures have been given the perfect amount of life color based on their needs. Even the trees were created with their colors to be supported by the earth.

“From the highest trees, Wen-Eba carved the first humans, giving them a part of his own spirit. He distinguished them from all other creatures by not giving them color according to their needs. On the contrary, he wanted give them life directly from himself, so that humanity can be supported by their creator.

“Tragically, humanity quickly rejected the will of its divinity, seeking its missing color in the ground. They extracted from it precious stones and precious metals, colors intended to sustain the earth. As their world slowly starved, their retribution began to awaken. Eventually, humanity’s greed released a vengeful being known as Wen’etra, “the flame that consumes all colors”.

“Although humanity has been ravaged by Wen’etra for many years, Wen-Eba has not forgotten them. A prophecy spoke of a hero who would one day rise to overcome the flame and restore all creation to newness and life.

“This ancient myth recounts the rise and fall of the Ushani people and their redemption at the hands of their legendary hero, Aedliss.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Wesley R. Turner’s new book features captivating imagery created by Alyssa Turner.

Turner offers readers an elegant narrative paired with imagery that will capture the imagination within the pages of this enjoyable epic.

Consumers can purchase “The Death Song of Wen’etra: An Epic Poem” in traditional bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes Store or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries about “The Death Song of Wen’etra: An Epic Poem,” contact Christian Faith Publishing’s Media Department at 866-554-0919.

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