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Crying at the Nail Salon – by Josie Minz

Crying alone at the nail salon
night is falling slowly,
I’m looking at my mood ring
tell me how I feel when I can’t do it on my own.
The streets of the city are empty
as darkness takes over
but i can’t stop talking
so i don’t have to think
and confront the emotions that I constantly work around.

The ocean rises and falls at my feet;
I stay still,
hoping the broken fragments of my heart
will take with the riptide
and while everyone tells me I’m fine
the voices in my head
keep me awake at night.
Whisper; constantly say the opposite.

And when summer comes,
I disconnect
isolating myself from any sense of reality.
Only the guitar
really know how i feel
and although I painted my mask well,
every conversation tears me apart.
I’m afraid to think about what will happen
when my soul finally gives way
and the last rose petal of winter falls.

I am the fallen fruit
rejected from society;
Immovable, no matter how hard they try,
forever bound by the chains of freedom.
Try to save me if you can.
Although my conscience does not allow it;
Too proud to apologize.
Crying at the nail salon.

Lava – by Mavis Colbert

I just sit and watch, hardening
It is not fair! They love him more than me!
They use it for drinking and gardening
She makes them live and I kill them you see?
I want to be useful for something
Something not horrible and cruel
I was kind and lovely
Spray your relaxation pools
Water was nature’s favorite
It made me scorching and crazy
Mother Mountain adopted me
And for once I was happy

Now Mother Mountain is a volcano with me inside
But there’s only so much a mother can take
She gives me a place to hide
Far from the lake of Waters
Water lives in a hole like me
But that’s where people can see
I live in the dark and I’m afraid to hide
Knowing that only my mother cares about me
When you mortals upset Mother Volcano
She scolds me for sneaking away

So with his help I’m heading for the city
To tell you, “I’m alone and I don’t care about your health!”
The water is now lonely
And the lucky ones who made it won’t come back
Of course I’ll get tough but we’ll both meet again
Back in town coming for you and I’ll attack

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