‘Ballad of Mike Honcho’ Pays Tribute to Vols’ Jordan Beck



Based on the literary endeavors of my messaging group, poetry is making a comeback. You can thank Rick for the final poetic contribution.

Rick writes: (Excerpt from “The Ballad of Mike Honcho/Jordan Beck“):

The eyes of his teammates were focused

As he took off his coat

There in Orange Tennessee

They saw the name they wrote

What kind of name is Honcho

They questioned with a smirk

It only took a moment

Like Mike Honcho went to work

He had a certain swagger

As he approached the plate

Fixing the pitcher

He knew the fate of baseball.

Back Door Tavern in West Knoxville played in Jordan Beck's

My answer: I thought “Casey at the Bat” was the best baseball poem ever written until I read this. I will forward the entire poem to Jordan Beck.

Jarry: I too was a fan of Lindsey Nelson. I was lucky enough to be seated at the same table with him at a dinner party in the 80s. He fascinated us with his stories.

Our eldest, Lindsey Martin Collins, knows quite a bit about Lindsey Nelson, having heard me talk about him all her life. When she was a kid, it was traumatic for her though, when she thought I named her after a baseball stadium. Shortly before she was born, I had read Lindsey Nelson’s autobiography and thought it was a lovely name.

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My answer: It’s a good name. And Lindsey Nelson made it a better name.

He was the voice of the Vols, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants and Notre Dame football. He also broadcast college football, the NBA, college basketball, and professional golf and tennis during his time with NBC.

He had an exceptional memory for anecdotes, which contributed to his storytelling.

I knew him when he was living in an assisted living facility in Knoxville. I also covered his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Illness sapped his energy but did not prevent him from delivering a brilliant acceptance speech.

Mike writes: The big mistake with Derek Dooley and Jeremy Pruitt isn’t that they were fired too late. The mistake was hiring them in the first place.

My answer: We spend a lot of time discussing the many bad hires by athletic directors in Tennessee. But let’s not forget a great hire by former Tennessee DA John Currie, who brought on baseball coach Tony Vitello.

Daryl writes: Now UT’s historic basketball coach and legendary Hall of Famer Rick Barnes can fulfill his 5th Wing/Guards starting varsity dream team!

With Brandon Huntley-Hatfield entering the transfer gate, UT only have two or three position players on the squad, but none are able to contribute to Barnes’ demanding system that requires three, three and more than three. .

The Nets will smell of smoke, until the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and then Barnes will likely lead another group of talented players to a loss in the Round of 16.

My answer: Despite the departure of Huntley-Hatfield, the Vols still have post players Uros Plavsic, Jonas Aidoo and Olivier Nkamhoua.

Gloria writes: Thank you Cora Hall for your excellent coverage of Lady Vols. The best cover I have read in my many years of being an LV FAN enthusiast. Your article today in the Knox News Sentinel indicates that Lady Vols will be as good or better next year.

I appreciate Coach Kellie and the staff for the great job they do. And I support all the women on the team. You have made them “personal” for us.

My answer: Cora has done a great job in her first year on the beat. She is enthusiastic about covering women’s sports, and it shows in her work.

Dennis writes: I just read your article on the baseball team. I had no idea of ​​the restrictions placed on players regarding their purses. I don’t have much money but would like to make a small monthly donation for them and was wondering if you could tell me how and who to contact.

My answer: To verify friendsofbasevols.com. I’m sure players would appreciate any input.

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