Basilio Badillo and Surroundings: Visit to 5 Art Galleries


One of the things that most excites art lovers when strolling through the Romantic Zone, especially along Basilio Badillo Street and its surroundings, is the variety of art galleries they can find on their way. Some are even within walking distance of each other.

To appreciate and take advantage of the art gathered in this bohemian-looking street, the Vallarta Lifestyles The editorial team has made it its mission to visit five galleries that stand out for their trajectory, their approach and the artists they represent.

Dante Gallery
Basilio Badillo 269, Emiliano Zapata

The Galleria Dante was inaugurated in 1988, and this warm and welcoming place currently has more than 60 artists exhibiting their works, including paintings and sculptures. It is a space founded by Canadians Joseph, Claire and Gena Guarnière, a family of entrepreneurs who saw in a large old house in the Romantic Zone the ideal place to start and continue a success story in the destination.

At Galleria Dante, one of the largest and most eclectic galleries in the destination, the works of emerging and internationally renowned artists converge in its eight European-style rooms, with a beautiful and pleasant outdoor patio.

Today, of the total number of artists exhibiting here, 70% are painters and 30% are sculptors. In addition, 85% are Mexicans and the remaining 15% are foreigners from Canada, Cuba, Colombia, Italy and the United States.

Art & Ceramics by Patricia Gawle
Basilio Badillo 325, Emiliano Zapata

Art & Ceramics by Patricia Gawle

Arte & Cerámica by Patricia Gawle began in 2008. In this cozy space, you can admire whimsical clay sculptures, as well as clay paintings, oil paintings, tile paintings and small shaped souvenirs. hearts and/or birds.

One could say that the work of Patricia Gawle, who studied fine art at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, is “narrative” because it is accompanied by a poem written by her. Nature, animals, humans and how these three interact is the inspiration that shapes each of his artistic works.

In addition to presenting his unique creations at Arte & Cerámica by Patricia Gawle, the artist offers classes and workshops that introduce participants to the world of ceramic art. The clay, which is the raw material she uses, is brought directly from El Tuito, where she also takes the opportunity to show the different phases involved in the development of her works.

Contemporary Gallery
Basilio Badillo 252, Emiliano Zapata

Contemporary Gallery

Founded in 2010, Galería Contempo has become one of the most representative places of the new Mexican artistic generation, since its founder, Rodolfo Choperena, and his partner, Carlos Blanco, were responsible for bringing and presenting some of the pictorial works and sculptural the most representative. works of emerging talents found in different regions of our country.

Galería Contempo stands out for exhibiting innovative works made with different materials and techniques. While the paintings encompass hyperrealistic, abstract and even contemporary tendencies, the sculptures draw on marine elements, everyday objects and animals with modifications that give them an extraordinary appearance.

Currently, only 16 artists are exhibited in this minimalist two-level space. Among them, 70% are Mexican (from León, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Mexicali), and the rest are from the United States or Canada, but based in this destination.

Kathleen Carrillo Galleries
Constitution 325, Emiliano Zapata

Kathleen Carrillo Galleries

The history of Kathleen Carrillo Galleries began in 2008 with a small gallery in El Centro. The gallery then moved to another space on Basilio Badillo Street and over the past six years has firmly established itself in its current location.

For decades, artist Kathleen Carrillo, who studied fine art with a concentration in painting and printmaking at the University of Oklahoma, illustrated and worked on canvas with acrylic paints.

Currently, in addition to offering painting classes and workshops in her studio, she exhibits 10 different art collections, which are inspired by the experiences she has had over the years. Among them are architectural fantasy, Friends and divas, garden girls, Smoke’in and Summaries: juxtapositions of lifewhich is the most recent collection she is working on.

Peyote people
Venustiano Carranza 268 L-2, Emiliano Zapata

Peyote people

Peyote People started in 2001 with a collection of artists from Oaxaca, Michoacán, Jalisco and Nayarit. Since then, the specific orientation of the exhibited works is based on the “ancestral contemporary” trend, seeking to show the practices of the ancient cultures of our country, but with an avant-garde and more colorful touch.

This space reveals how Mexican art has evolved to give collectors a renewed vision of ancient traditions, which have quietly adapted to new shapes, colors and techniques. So you can see bead vessels and sculptures, paintings made with thread, colored woods alebrijes and decorative clay figures, among other works.

Over 95% of the artists exhibiting at Peyote People are Mexican, with the rest coming from Central and South American countries.

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