Bird Concert Conference held in London


Bianca Rahimi
Press TV, London

A dream has come true. The Conference of the Birds, composed by the brilliant young musician Meysam Marvasti, and inspired by a poem of the same name written by the 12th century poet Attar of Nishapur, performed here in London. It’s a story every Iranian knows about an epic journey to find the Simurgh.

The Simurgh is to the East what the Pheonix is ​​to the West. A mythical creature that symbolizes transformation. The story of the Simurgh is a spiritual story, full of courage, determination and self-discovery.

Five years in the making, the Conference of the Birds, led by Farnoosh Behzad, brought together musicians and instruments from around the world. It merges Azeri, Chinese, Indian, Arab, Afghan, Armenian and Persian music, brought to the public by a Western orchestra.

The performance was accompanied by two elocutionists who told the story and animated clips of birds and their migratory life. The art and culture of Iran no longer needs to be introduced, renowned all over the world. But young Iranian artists living far from home are always looking for ways to capture the spirit of their homeland and give Western audiences a taste of Iran.

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