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A delightfully self-aware and satirical take on Milton’s classic epic poem, writers James Jackson and Elizabeth Brennan (Animal Farm, Bad News) team up with Darebin Speakeasy to transform John Milton’s 17th century poem to reflect the post- dystopian paradise that is 2022 in Paradise Lost, at Northcote Town Hall Arts Center July 20-30.

Adam and Eve really dig heaven. They are happy, super happy in their airtight bubble. There is no judgment here. No shame. This is the perfect place for relentless fornication. But nothing so good lasts long.

Satan is fed up with the cherubim getting stuck in the air ducts. He tries to complain but God kicks him out. In Hell, a napalm-covered wonderland, Satan hatches a master plan. And so the fall begins.

Paradise Lost is a satirical adaptation about the narcissism of creation and our dwindling hope for the future by Melbourne’s Bloomshed, which creates cutting edge political satire, energizing classic lyrics through physical comedy and outrageous dance breaks. Paradise Lost is a whirlwind journey through creation: it took God seven days, it will take us just under an hour.

Season Details

Location: Northcote Town Hall Arts Center
Dates: July 20 – 30, 2022

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