BTS V Wrote The Seven Trees Poem In 10 Minutes


Is it necessary to give an introduction about BTS V? Obviously, a big no. He is one of the members who enjoys an incredible following of fans around the world. After finishing their concert in the United States, the Bangtan boys are back in their hometown. They are working on a few projects. Now, a video shared on Youtube shows how the BTS members showcase their talents. Fans of BTS members are going gaga over the acrostic poem by BTS V aka Taehyung. V recited a poem dedicated to fellow BTS members in the video shared on YouTube titled “BTS Become Game Developers: EP01 in just ten minutes.

The translated version of the poem reads: “Seven unique trees with different shapes and appearances came together and became a huge forest. One is shiny like a ginkgo. We are sensitive like a maple tree. And we’re warm and beautiful like a cherry blossom. The forest may not consist of the same trees, but with these trees I will be happy too. Let’s make our forest warm and happy so that we can have a warm and happy relaxing time. Seven trees.

One netizen wrote, “Kim taehyung is an amazing and talented writer and poet, he has been writing poems since he was a child. Moreover, he writes it so beautifully and meaningfully. poetry in one of their games before being a genius and has wonderful skills on poems!”

Here is another tweet.

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