Caithness poet draws inspiration from her life to win Mod gold

Christine Stone from Castletown, Caithness with the Ailsa Quaich Trophy and the Lewis and Harris Medal won at the Literary Awards as part of the Royal National Mod. Image: Sandy McCook/DC Thomson.

A poetry writer from Caithness has been recognized for her work as she draws on her own life experiences for inspiration.

Christine Stone, from Castletown, won the Ailsa Quaiche and Lewis and Harris Gold Medal at the Royal National Mod Literacy Awards.

She entered three poems in the competition, which earned her first place.

The 61-year-old substitute teacher and early childhood practitioner said creating the poems was a delight.

She said: “I’m absolutely thrilled, but you know the fun for me is in creating the pieces. If you like this trip, the outcome shouldn’t matter so much.

“We can be obsessed with thinking, why am I not successful, but in fact it’s the opposite. It’s pretty good when you feel that pleasure, when you put that last point in the last bit and you think that that’s it, that’s me and that’s what I mean.”

Inspiration from the trials and tribulations of life

Hailing from Back on Lewis, the islander said his pieces are written from the heart.

They address the issues of memory loss and the journey that follows, the feelings surrounding the loss, and how people try to strengthen themselves when trying to overcome the difficulties they face.

Ms. Stone drew on her own life experiences to write her three winning poems. Image: Sandy McCook/DC Thomson.

“They are based, for me, on experience,” she added.

“I was caring for a person with dementia. I saw this journey of knowing who I was, of being so close, and then not having a clue and the heartache that comes with it. For me, it’s always writing from experience. I write with my heart.

Ms. Stone has been involved with the Mod since she was a child.

This year, she also took third place in the short story category, having entered two works.

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[Caithness poet uses inspiration from her life to win gold at Mod]



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