Cape Cod authored books include romance, thriller, memory, poetry


“It started with a man on an island” and “It started with a man and a sax”, by Diane M. Pratt (published independently, 2021)

When Pratt, who has lived in Bourne for 35 years, says she writes romance novels, she sells for less: it’s her 34th and 35th self-published books, many of which are titled “It Started with a Man.” … ”And fill in the rest with other options such as“… in a wedding ”,“… in a photo ”and even“… in a lemonade stand ”. In “Island,” disagreements and other kinds of sparks erupt between a woman her boyfriend just dumped because of his schedule and a man who’s getting ready for two northeast en route to their island. In “Sax,” Addie and Jake separately swear never to get involved with co-workers again, until they meet. Pratt, secretary of a South Shore middle school, says, “I write whenever I can because I love words and romance. “

“Little Fat Four – A Chinese Woman’s Memoir of Survival”, by Eileen Kan and Marsha Bryant (independently published, 2021)

While working as a teacher in China in 1989, Bryant (real name Marsha Finley) recorded details of Kan’s remarkable life, including her experiences in various wars and revolutions in the 20th century and what Bryant calls ” communist madness ”. Kan went from a rich child under the last emperor to slave labor and then into exile, enduring war, rape and starvation. Kan’s story, says Bryant, a Cape Town resident, “is exceptional because (Kan) was a lonely woman, fleeing across China in her struggle for survival. But it is also an exceptionally honest account of the life of the Chinese during those terrible years. Bryant uses his own experiences to frame and add context to Kan’s memories.

“Some Days the Spoons Talk Back”, by Chuck Madansky (Kelsay Books, due in December)

This first collection of poems by Madansky, a resident of Brewster, is described as exploring “how we vacillate between loneliness and feeling one with life.” In between, we experience the vicissitudes and joys of family life, love and world events. Madansky’s poetry has previously appeared in the Cape Cod Times or been featured at WCAI Poetry Sunday. He is a grandfather, was a psychotherapist, has been recognized for his social justice efforts, and is married to poet and playwright Wilderness Sarchild.

“Old School Apple Desserts,” Inga Linde Jensen, translated by Ragnhild Munck (Green Sage Agency, 2021); and ‘A Warchild: Hannah’s Story’ by Munck (Golden Ink Media Services)

Munck, who lives in Chatham, says Jensen’s Apple Cookbook is a favorite in Denmark, and she decided to translate it because “so many friends have asked for it.” The book, in a cursive font with whimsical illustrations, contains as many stories and reminiscences as it does recipes, with several recipes related to the creators, such as “Mimi’s Apple Cake”, “Ulrik’s Cake” and “Sven’s Favorite”. Munck’s second book published this year, “Warchild,” tells the story of a girl who grew up during WWII in a country occupied by the German military and who also deals with aging issues. adult such as tensions with his mother.

“A War Child: Hannah's Story”, by Ragnhild Munck

“In Deep”, by Sharon Ward (Penster Press, 2021)

This thriller is the first in what is expected to be a series from Ward, a resident of Wareham, focusing on Fin Fleming, an underwater photographer. In this first film, Fin faces danger in the waters of the Cayman Islands when a killer targets her friends and family, especially those linked to a local oceanographic institute, and she also has to deal with family complications. Many of the locations and dive sites in the book are real places in Grand Cayman or are based on real places and dive sites adapted from Ward’s own experiences.

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