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How to pay hospital debt without insurance?

A hospital expense is always an unforeseen expense if insurance is not available. Nobody plans to get sick or have an accident but neither are we exempt from suffering them. Medical expenses usually have a great impact on our finances even though you have some insurance protection. It happens that the plans have a cap Read More

Requirements to refinance a debt

If you are one of those who by having a credit makes your monthly payment on time: congratulations! You have already met one of the main requirements to refinance a debt . Do you want to know what the others are? Next we tell you. The refinancing option consists of a new loan that you Read More

Get rid of poor credit with debt consolidation

Bankis mortgage book has shrunk by 17 percent to Rs 1,81,206 crore due to the liquidation of retail loans and loans on its international hands. But the deposit side found development. In FY10, House became 34% of Rs 84.216 crore (from Rs 62.668 crore in FY09); together with the House share of the total remains Read More

This is how you manage your debt in a favorable way

No matter what type of debt you have, one thing is for sure. It will always pay off for your personal finances to operate it in a favorable and efficient manner. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, and will also give you more financial freedom in your everyday life. Read More

Why debts are not bad – Consequences – How to pay

Most said it was a way of financing their lifestyle; for others, it was because their income did not reach them to reach the end of the month and in that way they completed the expenses of personal or family support. One of them told me that he used his cards to pay for trips, Read More

Why people get into debt – Card debt damages

Why do people get into debt? Have you ever been in debt? Do you know what are the reasons why people are in debt? Do you know what are the reasons why people remain in debt? Do you remember the feeling of anguish and helplessness you had for not being able to pay rent, food, a Read More

Borrow despite the debts

To this site we often get questions about whether you can borrow money if you have debts with Good Finance or not. Unfortunately, this is something that is often difficult to get, as most lenders usually do not lend money to people who have debts with Good Finance. This often also applies to those lenders Read More

Guide to get out of debt

There are different reasons that could lead you to a moment of financial instability. Either a bad administration of your income; The improper use of credits, or unforeseen, having multiple debts imbalances your variable expenses and can put your family economy in trouble. We tell you how to avoid it, and if you are already Read More