Colorado Mesa University Celebrates Black History Month


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – February is Black History Month and there will be events on the campus of Colorado Mesa University throughout the month. CMU’s Cultural Inclusion Council, which encompasses the Black Student Alliance, organizes these events.

“Having events during our CIC month during Black History Month is important to me simply because it gives us a way to show all the beauty of Black History and for us to shine under a positive day,” the BSA’s chief coordinator said. Anastaja Braden.

The BSA is an on-campus organization that was designed to be a safe space for Black students on campus to connect, engage with their culture, and be themselves.

“When I arrived on campus, I was very intimidated by everything that was going on and it was not normal for me to see people who looked like me on campus,” said Anastaja Braden. “The environment was amazing. I felt like I was at home and accepted. »

BSA Deputy Coordinator Aaron Reed shared his unique story of coming to CMU, finding himself, and finding his voice.

“There are a lot of people who don’t realize the culture that’s in front of them and I feel like I was the same when I got here,” Aaron Reed said. “I try every day to lead by example. A lot of times in the media black men don’t get the best portrayal that’s real and authentic so I try to make the president a leader, and not just a black leader, but a leader in general that people can follow . I try to set the bar high. »

Associate Vice President of Student Government Salina Edwards said Black History Month is a time to celebrate and recognize black history. Including culture, food and how it represents an individual’s story.

“I’m excited for this month,” said Salina Edwards. “I know we’re going to have a lot of great events and I’m excited to share my culture with everyone and share what it means to me and hear what it means to others.”

She says she is happy that CMU is celebrating black history on campus.

“As a student leader, I look forward to the next few years,” said Salina Edwards. “On campus, there are a lot of students here who are starting to find their own voice from all walks of life and who will step into positions to continue creating change. As a black woman, it’s great to lead by example. I hope that I am a role model or a motivation for those who are like me and then for those who are not like me. But who also feel it’s time for them to step up and take on leadership roles.

There are a variety of events happening this month for CMU students. Including a movie night on February 10 and a “Tasty Thursday” on February 17 at the University Center Cafeteria celebrating different foods related to different cultures. On February 26, the BSA will host a Winter Ceremony for members of the organization.

But on February 17, the BSA is hosting a free slam poetry night open to the public in the university ballroom. If you would like to read a poem at the event, email Kelsey Coleman at: [email protected] But registration is not required to simply attend.

Additionally, CMU’s six different student alliances will hold a fashion show on March 5 to share their music, culture, and clothing. Including the Black Student Alliance, Latina Student Alliance, Polynesian Student Alliance, International Student Alliance, Native American Student Alliance, and Gay-Straight Alliance.

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