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“Angel on the Porch: The Story of a Loving Autistic Family” by Christian Faith Publishing authors Craig deSteiguer and Anne Carr is the emotional journey of an autistic boy who overcomes personal adversity to become a successful writer.

MEADVILLE, Pa., May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Angel on the Porch: Story of a Loving Autistic Family”: a gripping and powerful novel about finding a voice, even when the odds seem insurmountable. “Angel on the Porch: Story of a Loving Autistic Family” is the creation of published authors Craig deSteiguer and Anne Carr. Craig deSteiguer has spent his career in the energy industry and enjoys sharing his love of poetry, including his own poems about life, faith and blessings, and learning about cultures. Anne Carr is a well-traveled mother and wife who retired as the Montgomery County Judge’s Chief of Staff.

Craig de Steiguer and Anne Carr share, “Adam went back to his usual way and said he had to finish the garden now because it was getting late and he had to go home. I reminded him not to leave without the book that I wanted him to read the yard and putting the old hessian potato net bags full of leaves for garbage collection he went back to the porch to say goodbye I handed him the book with by Walt Whitman poetry and asked him to read some of his poems in the book. I explained who walt whitmann was during the Civil War as an American poet who described the horrors of war at home. I asked Adam to read a poem first, then read it out loud to see what he felt like. Adam agreed and took the book and left, wandering down the sidewalk towards his house. Again the cool late afternoon breeze brought the smell of freshly raked grass into the air as the shade of the trees grew more covered as the sun moved west to rest at night.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Craig deSteiguer and Ann Carr’s A new book follows the story of an autistic boy born into a family of Jewish refugees during World War II. After learning to read and write poetry, the boy finds success in literature and teaches others that self-confidence comes from the heart.

Consumers can purchase “Angel on the Porch: Story of a Loving Autistic Family” in traditional bookstores or online at iTunes store or Barnes and Nobles.

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