De-stress with pets at SCSU


ST. CLOUD – Students at St Cloud State University had the chance to escape the stress of the first week of classes on Tuesday.

“De-stress With Pets” is a “Healthy Husky” program where volunteers with the Central Minnesota Therapeutic Animal Association spend with their animals. The event is set to repeat every week until October.

Jeff McMahon – WJON

Jeff McMahon – WJON

Rick Ellis is a volunteer within the association. He says the dogs bring a bit of home to students during the first week of class.

Often they lack a pet, they are far from home. It’s all just wonderful. And everything is very positive. What I love is when I know the dog has made a big difference in someone’s life.

Wayne Chmelik volunteers at the association with his Great Dane, Tootsie. He says he knows most people don’t consider a Great Dane a therapy dog.

I got my two therapy dogs from a breeder we knew in Wisconsin. She has the personality to make an excellent therapy dog. She is so calm. And she loves people. And she loves being petted.

The Central Minnesota Therapy Animal Association hosts a number of educational and therapeutic events at hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and colleges. To learn more about the association, Click here.

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