Dedham pensioner ‘in distress’ after being ordered to cut down her plant


A GREEN-fingered retiree was heartbroken when she was asked to cut her impressive plant back due to an access dispute.

Becky Curtis, 84, who lives at Dale Brook House in the heart of Dedham, has been tending her plants for over 30 years.

Becky’s front garden – including its magnificent wisteria – is known to villagers and tourists who often stop to admire it.

But Becky claims the parish council has now asked her to cut the plants in the front garden after receiving complaints that some people are struggling to get past.

Becky said: “Cutting it at this time of year is the worst thing you can do. It will look horrible.

“It’s a pointless thing to do.”

Beautiful – people often stop to admire Becky’s plant

Becky says pruning the plant at the wrong time of year could also impact any bees that pollinate its flowers.

She added: “I think it will ruin the look and mean the bees that come on it will have to make do without it.

Gazette: A towel someone dropped in Becky's mailboxA towel someone put in Becky’s mailbox

“I thought we were all trying to help the bees.

“They think if someone had two kids, a pushchair and a dog, they might struggle to get through.

“A lot of people have that and they walk past it.

“It saddens me to think of reducing it.”

To save the factory, Becky’s daughter-in-law also put a poem outside the pensioner’s house telling her story.

Gazette: Save it - Becky's daughter-in-law told the story of the plant in a poem Save it – Becky’s daughter-in-law told the story of the plant in a poem

Becky added: “I even got a note in the mailbox from someone who read the poem and they said it was such a beautiful garden and what a shame people were like that.”

A spokesman for Dedham Parish Council said it was obliged to act when the way was blocked.

He added: ‘We have had a number of complaints from other residents and we are only asking people if it is a health and safety issue.

“We are obligated as a council to undertake these applications to reduce vegetation when it is overgrown.

“It’s something clogging the trail and we have an obligation to deal with the hedges and keep the trail safe.”

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