Dissecting the madness of Pharloom ahead of Hollow Knight: Silksong


When hollow knight opens first, it’s preceded by a poem titled “Elegy for Hallownest”, and while players might not realize it right away, it lays out the general premise of the story they will encounter throughout the game. Hollow Knight: Silksongit is his own poem “Pharroom’s Folly” seems to run parallel to its predecessor and could very well provide players with clues as to what The Song of Silk story could be, including its subtitle. Looking back on being able to parse Elegy for Hallownest, it seems Team Cherry preempted fan speculation and made Pharloom’s Folly much shorter, making it harder for fans to theorize.


However, going line by line and breaking down the base component found in each, linking it to hollow knight and what we currently know about Hollow Knight: Silksong, fans can try to piece together how the game’s story looks and what might be in store for players when it releases. As many have begun to realize, the links between silk, music and weavers scattered in the few details known about song of silk, there’s a strong reason Hornet will be heavily involved in whatever lore and story Pharloom might have to offer. But Pharloom’s Folly can reveal more than that and could help better players for the story they’re about to uncover.

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1: They see your beauty, so frail and so fine,

The first line indicates that its subject is a beautiful creature, even in spite of its frailty. While the elegy for Hallownest opened with the Pale King’s arrival and reign, this line of Pharloom’s madness could parallel Hornet’s arrival in the new realm. Connotations of beauty often evoke the feminine, which would again line up with the allusion to Hornet, which deviates from hollow knight and the asexual knight. It then seems that the poem draws a close comparison to Hornet, even though she is not the subject itself, perhaps setting the stage for a juxtaposition between Hornet and who or what that creature might be.

2: They see your peace, woven of faith and work,

The second line could be another allusion to Hornet. His role in hollow knight was secondary to the knights, often guiding them on their journey in order to defeat the infection. Moreover, although a child of the Pale King and Herrah, Hornet seemed to be in service to his mother. Mentions of weaving are not only related to the new crafting system, but also hints at weavers who have been mostly cut from hollow knightsuggesting that they will exercise a more involved role in song of silk. The suggestions of peace, faith, and toil indicate, however, that there might be a larger movement at play, perhaps a cult or religion with a higher purpose in store.

3: They forget your heart, bound in sleep and bondage,

This next line could build on the first, with bondage again evoking the idea of ​​being bound to a cause, but also with sleep: Herrah was one of the three Dreamers of hollow knight. Herrah’s agreement to be a dreamer and sleep forever, however, was only on the condition that she have a child, Hornet. This might suggest that Herrah will have a greater type of connection to Pharloom than expected, and might even imply that Pharloom was originally Herrah’s birthplace. For this reason, Hornet’s arrival at Pharloom could be the catalyst for song of silkit is story as a descendant of Herrah, leading Hornet to access her birthright.

4: When you wake up they will see your truth,

Another sequel to the sleeping imagery, only now the subject apparently wakes up. If, as before, this is a reference to Herrah or Hornet and its connection to Herrah, it could indicate that something never seen before will be brought to Song of silk. Although this may be because Herrah, like the other Dreamers, was asleep and therefore inactive in hollow knighta more likely explanation could be related to song of silkit is trailer, which just shows a glimpse of Hornet conjuring silk-like magic to break free from captivity. This line could lay the groundwork for an eventual reveal or “truth” that Hornet is far more powerful than previously seen.

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5: The nature of a naked beast for all.

This last line could prepare the ground for the main antagonistic force which will be in song of silk, but what’s interesting is that Herrah was also called “the beast”. Again, connections are made between Herrah, Hornet, and the Weavers as a whole, suggesting that Pharloom is more involved with them than on a surface level. Since Herrah and Hornet’s framing has been so close throughout the poem, it could also indicate that Hornet is actually the beast in question. song of silk then could follow Hornet as she discovers her lineage and may come to realize some form of “truth”, whether good or bad, about herself and hollow knightthe weavers.

Overall, Pharloom’s Folly creates a very complex and interconnected web of allusions and relationships between multiple characters, creatures, and concepts. The implicit references to Herrah would suggest that as the leader of the Spider Tribe, which canonically rejected the rule of the Pale King, she has a deeper connection to Pharloom than first thought. In fact, current theories state that Herrah or the weavers actually migrated away from Pharloom, as aesthetically a kingdom centered on silk and weaving would be more likely the homeland of the weavers than Hallownest. Perhaps Pharloom’s Folly tells the story of Herrah’s long-awaited return, but with her departure, the bloodline has now returned to Hornet.

The name itself is also worth exploring, as “madness” has two meanings: one is an act of madness or lack of common sense, and the other is a tall and ornamental tower or building. without any goal. While current rumors suggest that Hornet will climb up in Pharloom as opposed to the top down map in Hallownest, meeting the second sense criteria, this could also tie into the first definition. The question is what insane act or event happened in Pharloom that inspired the poem, and how it relates to the story of Hornet. Confirmed details are sadly scarce, but fans are determined to continue to piece together whatever they can in order to better understand. Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is in development for PC, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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