‘Dream to realize!’ – a poem for Flag Day by Oliva Cruz Monell


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Oliva Cruz Monell wrote this poem in tribute to the flag of the United States of America on Flag Day, June 14, 2022.

The flag of the United States of America (source file photo)

Dream to realize!

In the wake of the day
We all start the one day race
When the bugles say
“morning is here, and all is well.”
Our flag unfurls
as once again our eyes see
his heraldry
with military regalia.
Firm hands holding
his canton, while the flag unfurls,
with attached pump
with unparalleled solemnity
at the upper hoist
his place of honor
on the cord.
The union; fifty small five-pointed white stars on a blue background; one for each state.
Field; thirteen horizontal rows of red and white;
one for each of the British colonies that claimed independence as their right.
Our flag, skillfully hoisted to the top of the mast,
as it unfurls and undulates majestically
in the gentle morning breeze,
gives affirmation to enemies and friends
as it states, democracy lives.

As I watch carefully
such splendor at sunrise,
with square shoulders in the back,
right hand on my beating heart,
breast filled with pride,
dare dream
this Earth is my Earth.
For more than two hundred and twenty-five years
the American flag
captured power and glory
of our Nation,
a symbol of freedom and justice
for Americans and all who
make an oath
fidelity to its history;
a source of pride and unity.

The “Stars and Stripes” is
a symbol of our sovereignty.
It is stipulated and highly manifested
that the American flag by us is not disrespectful.
The flag must not touch the ground
or be soaked, or body bound.
Handle with decorum in any forum.
Our compass of moral ethics mandates;
no, dictates a patriotic high
for which millions are fighting and thousands are dying.
Remember the symbolic meaning
colors of “Old Glory”.
White is for purity and innocence,
red is for toughness and bravery
blue is for vigilance, perseverance and justice.
If we dream it and believe it, we can achieve it.

Oliva Cruz Monell

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