England — everything we know about Riz Ahmed’s new drama


Riz Ahmed will tell us an “untold British story” in Englandhis new nine-part series about three generations of a British Pakistani family.

The BBC2 drama will unveil the political values, religious and cultural identities and national economy that affect the lives of parents, children and grandchildren, spanning four decades.

It’s a project by the Hollywood star, whose film and TV credits include A thug and The night ofbeen working for nearly a decade, so here’s everything we know so far…

UK release date

There’s no news on when this might be coming to BBC2, with Riz Ahmed discussing the series in a 2021 interview with Vice.

“It’s a saga to tell and a saga to make! Ask me five years from now and hopefully we’ll have moved on a bit more!” Hopefully we won’t have to wait that long Rice!

BBC Studios will distribute the show internationally.

Plot England

A synopsis from the BBC says…”England is the story of three generations of a British Pakistani family, the Latifs: Jamal and Fatima, their children Ashraf, Razia and Asim, and their grandchildren Zahed, Naseem and Ayesha. We follow them as they pursue their dreams through four tumultuous decades, navigating changing circumstances and ever-changing loyalties.

England will reframe recent British history and highlight the forces that have made our society what it is today. We will follow them through political movements and economic booms, through gang rivalries and assimilation into the heart of the establishment, through spiritual introspection and religious conflict.

“Our characters will wonder what it means to be true to yourself, to belong and whether ‘home’ is a country, a community or something much more personal. It is above all a story of family, of love that a family provides, how it sustains us, limits us, and defines us for better or for worse.”

Riz Ahmed on England

Riz expanded on the plot during a 2019 interview with Variety

“It’s a saga about a British Pakistani family over 40 of the most turbulent years in recent British history, from 1979 to 2019. It’s about many things and ideas that are very resonant and provocative in this It’s about identity, hope, belonging, and universal themes like family and the search for love.

“It will be a period drama – but unlike any period drama you’ve seen before. We are doing nothing less than trying to write the epic poem of our England and a revisionist British history.

“We’re turning people’s idea of ​​Britain and Britishness upside down,” he continued. “We show them a world they’ve never seen before, but in a universal and relatable way.”

The Hollywood star also thinks attitudes towards minority voices have improved in recent years…

Michaela Coel I can destroy you and Steve McQueen small ax really stretched the culture,” he said Vice.It’s taken a long time for us to allow people to do their own thing, and now we’re seeing how special it can be.

“Any time someone does something shamelessly in their own way, it opens up space for it. What Steve did with small ax will open up space for me to do what I’m trying to do with England besides my own way, you know? He had his struggles. It’s a relay race and we’re trying to gain some more ground for the next group of reinforcements to arrive to keep things going.”

English cast

There is no news on who could star in England however, we will update you as soon as the BBC announces any casting news.

Trailer England

There’s no trailer available for this one at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update this page as soon as it arrives.

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