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Bijnor: The home of famous Hindi ghazal writer and poet Dushyant Kumar Tyagi in Bijnor, his hometown, will be transformed into a museum that will display his literary works. Known for his famous poems like “Ho gayi peer parvat si, pighalni chahiye”, “Saaye mein dhoop” and “Kaun kehta hai aasman pe surakh nhi hota”, his works have inspired many people and have also appeared in television series and some Bollywood movies. , including Irada, Singh Sahab, Halla Bol, Masaan, etc.
“A museum proposal is being prepared and will be shared with state and central governments,” said DM Umesh Kumar Mishra. Recently, a police picket was also named after him in Bijnor. The cost of the museum will be borne jointly by central and state governments, he added.
The Postal Service previously issued a commemorative stamp with the image of Kumar on it in September 2009. The legendary poet was born in 1931 in the village of Rajpur Navada, Bijnor, and died in Bhopal in 1975 at the age of 44. .
The sons of the poet Kumar, Alok Tyagi and Apoorv Tyagi, as well as the district magistrate, visited their village on Sunday. Speaking to TOI, Alok Tyagi said: “We handed over a letter of consent to the DM so that our old house could be turned into a museum in memory of my father. He had spent his childhood here.”
“My heart shines with pride for my father’s accomplishments. The Indian Post Department has issued a commemorative stamp with his image on it and a museum dedicated to him at CTT Nagar in Bhopal,” said Alok Tyagi.
According to social worker Ashok Madhup, “Emperor Ghazal Dushyant Kumar is known for his poems across the country. Sadly, little has been done on his behalf in his own district. The efforts to develop his former home into a museum that will house his literary works are commendable. ”
“I recently met Union Minister Arjun Meghwal and raised the issue of building a museum to house the literary works of the great poet, and he readily accepted the suggestion. The district administration de Bijnor is preparing a proposal for the same, ”BJP’s MLC said. Ashwani Tyagi.
The poem “Ho gayi peer parvat si, pighalni chahiye” was sung by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal during the anti-corruption movement (2011-12) in India.



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