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As the pandemic raged around her, former Colorado Springs poet Stacy Dyson did what she does best – put her thoughts on paper.

Only this time, the self-proclaimed “technophobe” used her phone. As she sat on her patio in San Diego, where she now lives, and absorbed the cycle of desperate news, with stories about COVID-19, the murder of George Floyd, the death of Breonna Taylor and racial unrest and Black Lives Matter protests across the country, his fingers typed poems on his phone and posted them on Facebook, where they generated quite a bit of interest.

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These poems, written more than a year after the pandemic, have become his new book, “Lovely and Suffering”. She also has a second new book, “Follow Me on This,” which contains poems written over the past decade. She will perform both books on Friday at Creations on the Edge in the Springs.

“The things that were happening and what I was seeing were nightmares,” Dyson said of his pandemic poetry. “I was upset, hurt and betrayed by what this country was becoming. Disappointed too. That summer, more than any other, ripped Band-Aid out of what until then had been very low-key and insidious racism. It was hard for me to take. I knew horrible and ugly things were happening. I felt like I had a target painted on my back.

What spread was thoughtful, but also scary, as she began to ask questions she had never dared to ask before. Some had hope. Many have spoken of what his ancestors had experienced. And she noticed, with surprise and pleasure, that her work had a poetic voice unlike anything she had written before. And she had been writing for a long time, since the age of 5.

“That voice is, I won’t say completely without fear of saying what it has to say, but closer,” Dyson said. “She’s more courageous, less diplomatic.”

Dyson, who has written seven books of poetry, is a former Poet Laureate of the Imagination Celebration Association of Springs and nominated in 2009 for Colorado Poet Laureate. She won the Colorado Women’s Playwriting Festival in 2000 for her play “Fannie’s Girls: a 4-1-1 in 5-Part Attitude” and co-founded “Page to Stage: Women’s Words”, writing and performance workshops for the women.

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At 19, she performed her first poem on stage in a college talent competition. It earned him a standing ovation and the realization that this might be his life calling, an unforeseen choice for the introvert.

“The person on stage – he’s a character,” Dyson said. “The chick on stage says things that never in a million years I would have thought of saying, and somehow I wouldn’t normally express myself. She’s bolder and funnier than Me. The real me is the one who wants to be under a tree, drink a Coke and read an Agatha Christie book.

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Contact the author: 636-0270

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