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The Gloucester Writers Center is collaborating with artists from Cape Ann for the centre’s very first virtual art auction titled “Paintings for Poets”.

All proceeds from this auction will go towards reopening the expanded Gloucester Writers Center which will now house the Maud / Olson Library under its roof.

“This auction is specifically aimed at the return and expansion of the Gloucester Writers Center business, but it also celebrates the deep and intuitive connections between the written and visual arts in Cape Ann,” said executive director Henry Ferrini.

The virtual auction, which runs until Saturday, October 30, features the work of 18 artists, including award winners Jeff Weaver and Susan Erony, musician and artist Willie Alexander and Joy Buell who have traveled the world cheering on community through creativity. The medium of works of art varies, from oil painting to collage.

Each work has been associated with a poem that resonates with the painting’s point of view, according to a press release.

The Gloucester Writers Center is located in the home of Gloucester’s first poet laureate, the late Vincent Ferrini, in East Gloucester. Part of her mission is to honor and celebrate Cape Ann’s rich heritage and to support every writer who wishes to tell her story.

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