Happy Daughters Day 2022 Whatsapp Status Short Poems Written About Daughters or Beti Ke Liye Poem in Hindi


Happy Girls’ Day 2022: Today on the special occasion of Girls’ Day, you can wish your little angel this day through special poems. Girls’ Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Sunday in September. In such a situation, it’s a good opportunity to encourage your daughter and tell her how special she is to you. Here are some of the poems that are very popular. These poems are also perfect for your WhatsApp status.

Poems written in Hindi for girls (Betiyon ke liye Hindi mein kavitayein)

1) Girls are the life of the house,
Daughters are proud of their father
God bless the girls
Just understand that girls are incomparable

Daughters are more faithful than sons
Daughters are useful in mother’s work
Understand the grief of parents, girls are so smart,
Girls deserve endless love.

Never let girls eyes get wet
Don’t let their happiness decrease in life
Always encourage girls, don’t let grief,
There is a difference between a son and a daughter, don’t be confused.

2) Whether to write that she has the form of a fairy,
Or there is a pleasant sun in the harsh winter.
She’s like the song of a bird
Or a silent laugh.
It is the medicine of all fusion of sadness,
Or like a cool breeze in the humidity.
It’s the light that spreads in the yard
or angry lock
He is the ray of the sun on the top of the mountain,
It is the conduct of a life well lived.
It is the power that can turn a small house into a palace.
The Kafia who completes a Ghazal,
If the alphabet is not there, then the varna mala is incomplete.
what is most important
Won’t say she’s out of breath all the time
‘Cause girls only feel
Her eyes don’t ask for a doll or a toy
When will you come, just a quick question
She doesn’t ask me anything
She just wants to play with me for a while.
I don’t know why life is so confusing
And we understand that girls understand everything. – Shalesh Lodha

3) Said her daughter spread her arms,
I want love

why ignore the girl
What cruel world?

Just think without us
Will you be able to settle down?

From pregnancy to puberty,
The sword hanging above me.

of my grief and pain,
There is now a permanent treatment.

both eyes alike,
Daughter as tall as sons.

life must be protected,
Protect your daughters.

4) It’s evening, now let’s go for a walk, nor father
Tired of walking, sit on your shoulder, nor father.
Afraid of the dark, don’t put it on your chest, dad.
Mom slept, don’t sleep with a slap.
School’s out, now don’t go to college, dad.
Grew up raising, now don’t part, neither dad.
Now, if you’ve been sitting in the doli, don’t shed tears, nor my dad.
Your smile is good, don’t smile once, dad.
You obeyed everything I said, okay one more thing, neither father.
I am not a burden on this earth, nor explain to the world nor father.

5) Let the buds bloom
spread the sweet fragrance
stop killing them
now that the flame of life is lit

The buds you broke,
So where will you buy the flowers?
By killing your daughter, you
Where will you get the daughter-in-law from?

Let mama come to earth,
let them walk
stop killing them
Now let the flame of life be lit.

By worshiping Maa Durga,
devotees are called great
Where has this devotion gone?
Who kills the girl.

Let Lakshmi get life,
let the house shine
stop killing them
Now let the flame of life be lit.

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