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Would you like to have a poem written just for you (or an original song or story as a tribute to a friend or family member) and help Festival of Words in the process?

The fundraiser for the festival is called Words for You, and the deadline to enter is Saturday, August 20.

Proceeds will be used to present the 15th annual Festival of Words, which brings established authors from around the world to Acadiana to give public readings, writing workshops at community centers and public schools during the first week of November. .

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to
  • Choose an author.
  • Donate online ($50 minimum for an original work; $100 minimum for a poem by a current or former Poet Laureate).
  • Complete a brief questionnaire about yourself to help the author get started.

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The writer creates new work, based on your answers. You can hear your poem, story or song performed on September 10 at the main branch of the Lafayette Public Library, 301 W. Congress St.

Each author writes only one piece and is not available for re-ordering.

Volunteer authors include Melissa Bonin, Megan Breaux, Liz Burk, Dominick Cross, Toby Daspit, Cornelius Eady Gina Ferrara, Martha Garner, Jessica Goff, Carey Hamburg Clemonce Heard, Shya Hebert, Sophia Hebert, Guy Kilchrist, Kathryn Krotzer Laborde, Phyllis McLaughlin Nauman, Clare L. Martin, Bonny McDonald, James McDowell, Patrice Melnick, Hailey Menard, Natalie Parker-Lawrence, Valentine Pierce, Peg Ramier, Mona Lisa Saloy, Richa Dinesh Sharma, Tyler Robert Sheldon, Margaret Simon, Olan Thibodeaux Ted Thibodeaux, Carly Viator and Kelley Courville, and Ken Waldman and Suzanne Wiltz.

This year’s festival will feature poets Clemonce Heard and Ashley M. Jones and novelist John McNally.

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