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There are always plenty of good books to read each year. However, there are some that stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on us. Such books stay with us, for they are the ones we come back to again and again, discuss and share with others, or then read and reread. This year was also no exception as we have a few such books left that can breathe new life into anyone’s library.

The collection of poems is one of the finest works of 23-year-old poet Amanda Gorman. The collection includes The hill that we climb which is also the poem she recited during the inauguration of President Joe Biden, becoming the youngest inaugural poet in the process. The book can also be seen as a reflection of the times when the world is reeling from the pandemic, when there is also racism promoted as a political tool in various parts. As intimidating as it may sound, there should be no reason not to hope for better times to come. In short, the book is a must read and there’s a reason it’s at the top of the list here.

The Project 1619: A New Origin Story sheds light on the dark phase of American history that would have laid the foundation for what it is today. The book takes us back to August 1619 when a ship carrying thirty slaves from Africa reached the British colony of Virginia. It marked the start of a new order when men were subjected to systematic racial exploitation, something that continued for the next 250 years. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones’s book is an engaging read.

If being a singer, songwriter and guitarist wasn’t enough, Michelle Zauner has proven that she is also a quintessential writer with her latest literary creation, Crying in H Mart. It is the story of a girl who grows up to become a woman, facing many challenges in the process. It is also the story of the complex relationship between a daughter and her mother, how she grows up, travels far to study and work, and makes her own identity. However, it is when her mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer that she is confronted with her roots in Korea, those of her food, language and everything she had from her mother. In short, a must read for everyone, and especially for mothers and daughters.

It’s the story of a 12 year old boy named Silas who begins an epic journey into the unknown just to find his father. Silas has only the company of a pony and a mysterious ghost in his quest to save his father who he knows was taken away by three horsemen. In the process, Silas must face his fear and come to terms with his past. Written by RJ Palacio, the book is captivating not only for children but also for adults.

This is the story of thirteen year old Anna who comes across a book, the story of Aethon which tells the story of a boy who wishes to be a bird just to fly to the utopian paradise located in the sky. Five hundred years later, an elderly man rehearses five children in a play based on the Aethon story. However, trouble looms when a teenager sets a bombshell on the library shelves. Move into the future, there is Konstance all alone in a safe on the Argos starship. As Goodreads has stated, Konstance copies out of sacking fragments the story of Aethon she heard from her father.

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and National Book Award winning author, Colson Whitehead concocts another masterpiece with the Harlem Shuffle. The book takes you to the streets of New York City in 1960 and the life of a seemingly innocent and honest antique furniture dealer, Ray Carney. However, the real fact is that Ray also has a dark side to his exterior facade as a hard-working family man. This is where the book takes the form of a junkyard novel, a story of the internal struggle between good and evil. In short, a captivating story that would be difficult to let go once started.

The book marks a musical journey through the life and times of Paul McCartney. There are 154 songs in the book all of which were written by McCartney. This includes lyrics from before he teamed up with the Beatles, back then with the Beatles, with Wings as well as songs that mark his career as a solo singer.

Plus, it’s just not the lyrics, other aspects that make the book special include McCartney’s written commentaries, handwritten notes, art and ephemera in attendance as well as a never-before-seen collection of photos. All this does Words a must-have for Beatles fans, who love Paul McCartney or for any music lover. The work is available in two volumes mounted in a case which is also no less attractive.

It’s an afterlife story, about how a Wallace Price is assisted by the reaper who comes to take him to the afterlife. However, perplexed like Wallace by the suddenness of his death, the Reaper does not take him to the afterlife either. Instead, he is taken to the outskirts of a village, where nestled in the mountains is a tearoom run by Hugo. Along with Hugo, Wallace tries to experience all he’s lacked in his life, until an ultimatum is served to him by a powerful being that he has a week to go through. Wallace now has seven days to live his life. In short, a masterpiece by author TJ Klune that everyone must read.

As the title suggests, the book is about kitchen disasters and ways to turn them into culinary gems. So, whether it’s food that has been burnt, overcooked, or something that has gone horribly wrong, the book has tips for turning them all into delicious things. It would be like breathing new life into things that otherwise would be considered unnecessary and ended up in the trash.

This way the book is a must read not only for any aspiring cook, but even for anyone who spends time in the kitchen. It took all of the experience Cal Peternell gained over the two decades of his life as a chef at Chez Panisse to create an exceptional piece like this.

The phrase is a mystery novel and a ghost story sewn together, with a good dash of humor as well. The story revolves around a haunted bookstore in Minneapolis and the ghost is none other than one of its most annoying customers, Flora. She died on the Day of the Dead in 2019 and took refuge in the bookstore. Then there’s Tookie who gets a job selling books after being jailed for years. She had spent most of those years reading books and now has taken it upon herself to solve this mystery. In short, The phrase is another astonishing piece by Louise Erdrich, Pulitzer Prize-winning and National Book Award-winning author.

Written by Daniel Howell with the active contribution of renowned psychologists, You will spend this night can be considered more of a self-help book than anything else. Here you will discover ways to not only cope with the difficult times in your life, but also to thrive and live your life to the fullest.

The book is divided into three main sections to deal with three distinct phases of life, difficult times, small steps that can make a big change in life, long term adjustments to have a successful life. Also, no matter how serious the topics may seem, the book will have you covered in a fun way.

Days after winning the contest from OASIS founder James Halliday, Wade Watts makes a discovery that changes everything. Hidden in Halliday’s coffers, waiting for his heir to find it, hides a technological breakthrough that will once again change the world and make OASIS 1,000 times more wonderful – and addicting – than even Wade imagined. With that comes a new riddle and a new quest – one final Halliday Easter Egg, hinting at a mysterious prize. And an unexpected, incredibly powerful and dangerous new rival awaits you, one who will kill millions of people to get what he wants.

Wade’s life and the future of OASIS are at stake once again, but this time the fate of humanity is also at stake. Lovingly nostalgic and wildly original as only Ernest Cline could conceive, Player Two Loan takes us on another imaginative, fun and action-packed adventure through its beloved virtual universe, and again projects us into the future in exciting ways.

As Ryland Grace wakes up from a coma, he doesn’t know who he is or where he is, but a mixture of calculations, deductions and memories that slowly come back to light him: he is a college science teacher on a small spaceship. His mission ? Save the Earth. A sin The Martian, Weir makes science and problem-solving not only interesting but absolutely essential to survival, delivering an electrifying space adventure that pulls both the intestinal and heart cords. Readers will absorb facts about gravity and heavy metals even as Grace races against the clock and builds an unexpected partnership while racing down the cold depths of space.

Almost 10 years ago Bloomberg journalist Brad Stone captured the rise of Amazon in his bestseller The store of everything. Since then, Amazon has grown exponentially, inventing new products like Alexa and disrupting countless industries, while its workforce has quintupled in size and its valuation has soared to nearly two trillion dollars. . It’s nearly impossible to go a day without experiencing the impact of Jeff Bezos ‘Amazon, between services like Whole Foods, Prime Video, and Amazon’s cloud computing unit, AWS, as well as Bezos’ ownership of The Washington Post. We live in a world ruled, provided and controlled by Amazon and its iconoclastic founder.

In Amazon unrelated, Brad Stone presents an “excellent” (The New York Times). Stone also probes the evolution of Bezos himself – who started out as a geeky technologist totally devoted to building Amazon, but who has morphed into a fit and disciplined billionaire with global ambitions, who has ruled. Amazon with an iron fist, even when it found his personal life splashed across the tabloids.

What a strange paradise is by turns tender and brutal in its truths. It is wonderfully written, propulsive as well as expansive as well as grainy in its specificities. Omar El Akkad writes with such emotional precision, power and grace. Here, we see the wonder of children highlighted in a context of all too common dehumanization and then returning refugees everywhere. The book devastates and uplifts, one way or another, and we are not left with hope – that is not the question – but invited to witness, to see what is here, with clarity and fullness. of heart. I was a big fan of his first book, american war.

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