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William Reaves Unit 7 American Legion Auxiliary recently sponsored an essay and poem contest.

The theme of the essay contest was: “How can we support families caring for their veterans?” The subject of the poem was “Smile”.

First place in the essay contest was won by Leo Sarvis, a third-grade student at Holy Trinity Catholic School.

Three third-grade students from Holy Trinity Catholic School participated in the poetry contest. They include first place Vanessa Mejia Portillo; Gay Doh Plo, second; and Sophia Gutierrez Ornelas, third.

Fifth-year winners of the poetry contest include Grace Pohto, first place; Jesse Mattke, second; and Liberty Doerr, third. They are all students at the Washington 4-5 Center.

Winning essay:
Leo Sarvis
First place
Holy Trinity

Veterans are working hard to figure out what to do for their country. When they die, they have a special service for his death. They might get money because they have to live a different life. They might need a nurse because if they get hurt they get help fast. You get paid when you are retired by them for a long time. They are paid thousands of dollars! That’s a lot of money. The army gives you a salary based on your level when you fought.

They also have support animals. They help in difficult times. You can donate money for support animals for veterans to get them service dogs (which) are most likely and best. They help owners when they are stressed and angry and even when they are hurt. When you are lost, they will find your home. They are really well trained. Service dogs also help find food and snacks. They are important to the life of the retired veteran. That’s what I think veterans should do when they retire.

Winning poems

Fifth level:
By Grace Pohto
First place

A happy smile is what you need
Even if it can’t be seen
There’s no reason to be sad
There is no reason to be angry.
So wear a smile
No matter the size.
If you’re down
Think of the positive.
You may cry, but that’s okay.
Everyone cried, even me.
But a smile is all you need
Be happy and positive as much as possible.

By Jesse Mattke
The second place

I like to run a mile for
It makes me smile.
My friend Kyle,
Like to run from time to time.
Our friend Lyle
Likes to walk on tiled floors.
It’s white as a smile.
It’s a show-off once in a while!
Nyle, Lyle’s friend
Is clumsy like a child.
Candy drives it wild
Which makes us all smile!

By Liberty Doer
Third place

Wake up kid
It’s time to go, I know, I know
You know when you’re old like me
You will have neither time nor sleep.
You will have to work all day or all night and
You could have grandkids like you are to me
Or great-grandchildren and you could
Have children like you to your mom.
But little you will not be a grandfather or
Daddy for a while so save your time,
Be fun and exciting,
And always remember to smile.

Winning poems
Third level
Vanessa Mejia Portillo
First place

Being American makes me smile
If you can’t do something, do your best
Always be yourself and be nice
Be brave and don’t be afraid of anything.
Jesus is with us always anywhere
You don’t have to be fancy, just be yourself
Use your talents to do what
You can do to help people.
What can you do to help yourself?
Maybe you make your day shine
By helping someone else, you make your day shine
You make me smile.

By Gay Don Plo
The second place

Being half American and half Thai
Make me laugh.
We are Americans every day
Even if you are from other countries like me.
You could help others smile
It doesn’t matter where you are.
You can always make more
Smile too.
You should always do
Others smile.
You could call someone and
Make them smile.

By Sophia Gutierrez Ornelas
Third place

Being American makes me smile,
Whether you have been here for years or for a short time.
I am proud to be American,
Where reigns the freedom of women and men.
Your life is new
And you too!
There’s freedom wherever you go,
It makes your heart grow.
I put a smile on my face,
It’s not a great race.
I’m so happy to be me,
I am so free!

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