If You’re Aries, Here’s The Poetry You Should Read


The third, but arguably most important aspect of your astrological chart is your rising sign, or which zodiac sign was literally “rising” on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. “It’s your character, your vitality, a lot of your personality and mannerisms, and your general vibe,” astrologer Maren Altman told Elite Daily. Your rising sign is the filter through which you manage your interactions.

For those born when Aries was rising, their otherwise calm demeanor is a superficial blanket over their passionate, creative, and impulsive core, Cosmopolitan warns. As astrologer Taryn Bond points out in Elite Daily, Aries ascendants seem extremely comfortable in their own skin — and that’s because they are. Their anxieties are channeled into taking risks, innovating, and starting their lives over after completely burning the earth because they realized they were comfortable with something.

Reading Caitlin Scarano’s award-winning collection of poetry, “The Necessity of Wildfire,” fuels your deep desire to start over while sharing the lessons of why looking back is important. Described by Ada Limón as “hungry, lucid, tough and generous”, “The Necessity of Wildfire” uses a “fierce lyricity” to explore the moments when the human and natural worlds intersect, the violence that arises from encounters, and the trauma generational that can persist down the lines (via Bookshop). Starting over is easy, but the Scarano collection is a warning: your past follows you everywhere.

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