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Discover the life of Maria Linda Hanihara through the pages of ‘Sub Rosa’

In our digital world, we document life with snapshots and small videos, whether for social media or simply pieces to keep personally to remember special moments. But in the past, people not only marked the events of their lives with pictures, but also with carefully composed words to create a lovely poem.

This is how Maria Linda Hanihara marked her life. Award-winning creative writer, editor, lawyer, wife and devoted mother to her special child, Mina Ellen, Linda succumbed to breast cancer in 2016. But what she left as a legacy for people has taken a lifetime to build and c is it works of poetry, all collected in a book entitled “Sub Rosa: The Crucifix of a Poet and other Poems”.

Maria Linda Hanihara

First printed in May 2014, “Sub Rosa” features poems that she wrote over many years, poems that she had kept to herself. For Linda at the time, writing was more of a hobby as she pursued other fields of study, but her talent with the quill shone even without the grind.

“Writing has always been the passion of his life. She wrote poems wherever she went, especially when she traveled, ”according to Milagros F. Viernes, Linda’s sister. But it is true that she was “on a mission to undermine her gift” and never had time to compile the many poems scribbled on the pages of her notebooks, notepads, diaries and the like, let alone them. publish in the form of a collection. It was only thanks to her sister’s encouragement that she found a book.

The poetry book features 125 poems, including masterpieces that first appeared in Focus magazine, 1976, 1980; Literary apprentice, 1981-82; Inspirations in Ink, 1992, and Caracoa III, 1983. Between chapters, readers will also find some of the poet’s daughter’s artwork.

“’Sub Rosa’ is my offer to soothe the past and inspire the future,” said the late Linda in the first draft of the book. “I recognize the certainties that only divine intervention can change. I kiss now tomorrow and accept all the little surprises God has in store for me. I’m starting to really live.

“Sub Rosa: A Poet’s Crucifix and Other Poems” is only available on Amazon.



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