Iranian police arrest journalist Elaheh Mohammadi and poet Mona Borzooi


Journalist Elaheh Mohammadi and poet Mona Borzooi were arrested in Iran for supporting actions that began after the murder of Jina Mahsa Amini.

Amini was killed by Iran’s “morality police” and her death sparked protests that have spread across the country and continue into their 14th day. While Amini has become a symbol of women’s resistance around the world, the Iranian regime has arrested thousands of people. Thursday evening, the Iranian police went in search of actress Ketayoun Riahi who had discovered her head. She managed to escape and the police arrested poet and composer Mona Borzooi.

Poetry reason for arrest

The reason for Borzooi’s arrest was her last poem, which she dedicated to Amini and the protesters in the streets.

Jjournalist arrested after the funeral

Elaheh Mohammadi, a journalist with the daily Hammihan, was also arrested. Mohammadi’s lawyer, Mohammad Ali Kamfiroozi, said in a statement posted on his social media account that intelligence agents arrested Mohammadi as she was on her way to the Intelligence Ministry office. Mohammdi went to Saqqez and attended Jina Mahsa Amini’s funeral. She reported the police attack at the funeral.

Journalist Elaheh Mohammadi was among 11 journalists who issued a statement in 2020, criticizing the Tehran Province Journalists Association for keeping silent about sexual assaults against women who work in the press and media. They formed the Assembly to Combat Sexual Harassment of Women in the Media.

Actions of the day 14

Protests have taken place in at least 29 provinces, 85 districts and 18 universities since Amini’s death. Thousands of people who took part in these actions were arrested, injured or killed. Human rights organizations said they were struggling to give an exact figure due to internet blackouts, intense police attacks and arrests, but they continued their work. Actions continue across the country on Day 14.

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