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The 2021 Australian Poetry Slam (APS) Championships followed one after another with more than 1,000 poets competing across the country for the chance to challenge the national title at Sydney Customs. Among the 16 finalists was Bellingen’s Isi Ferguson, who ultimately won second place in the live literary competition. Performing in front of a crowd of nearly 700, the talented young word designer used her student experiences and love of metaphors to wow the five judges and the crowd, receiving praise for her performance. “I was a little nervous at first getting on stage, but once you start talking the nerves go away and you walk into the area,” Isi said. “The audience was also very encouraging, so I think that helped; the unique format allows audience members to respond during the poem, so there is instant feedback; it created such a great and positive atmosphere. The whole experience has been great; I would definitely be ready to participate again next year if I can. Throughout the year, more than 60 APS poetry slam events were held in towns and villages across Australia, with the best and brightest slammers winning entry to the State Finals and then the national finals. After deciding to participate in a poetry slam event at the Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival, Isi found herself in one of these events even though she didn’t know it at the time. and I decided to participate again when the event took place earlier this year, ”she said. “I ended up winning, then I thought it was a heat for the APS State Finals; it was a surprise and a little unexpected but i had the opportunity to take it to the next level, and i thought why not take it. ”Isi performed a different poem at each stage of the contest with topics such than water, broken pottery and a lady cooking in her church. One topic she is keen to stay away from, however, is COVID-19. clearing. “I was lucky enough to avoid going through the worst of everything, so I’m not sure I can write anything worthwhile anyway. Plus, I think people are sick of hearing about it now. “Currently studying theology and culture at university, Isi says her attention is drawn to color, culture and the unusual. She also finds inspiration in the poems she read growing up, but she also finds a way to work on her favorite literary technique, whatever the subject. Of my poems was about water, filling up with water, get filled with emotion; I really like using metaphors, ”Isi said. “I’ve been reading and writing poetry for a long time, but I think I really started to like it in high school, during creative writing classes, poetry seemed to come out naturally.” I find that all of it writing process is a good way to express yourself and deal with complex emotions. ”The Australian Poetry Slam by Word Travels Story Festival 2021 concluded with seven days of workshops, lectures and literary performances from the 22 through November 28, ending with the National Championship. Brisbane’s Huda the Goddess was crowned 2021 Australian Poetry Slam Champion; Isi Ferguson took second, while Sydney’s Tom Kaldor took third. years, the top prize was an all-expenses-paid international tour performing at arts festivals in Australia, Southeast Asia, and North America. This year, COVID restrictions forced the top prize to undergo a slight change ion in a $ 10,000 prize package that includes professional mentorship and performance opportunities in 2022. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:




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