John Oliver explains his problem with the Da Vinci Code


“Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” doesn’t return to HBO until February, but host John Oliver took to YouTube on Sunday night to post a special web exclusive on a topic he considered very important: the 2003 book. “The Da Vinci Code” and its accompanying film adaptation starring Tom Hanks.

“I already know what you are thinking,” he said at the start of the nearly nine-minute video. “You say to yourself, ‘I’m fascinated and I don’t need an explanation as to why you are talking about this book 18 years after its release. I think it’s okay and good for you to do this, and I guess your point will be measured and fair.

Oliver distinguishes between a traditional episode of “Last Week Tonight” and a clip of a YouTube personality as he discusses at length his lingering problem with the plot line of “The Da Vinci Code,” a story that ‘he describes as being about “resolving artistic crimes with enthusiasm”.

“My main gripe with this book and this movie is the incredibly simple solution to the titular puzzle,” Oliver begins after briefly recapping the plot, before launching into a segment about a poem that is at the heart of the main puzzle that describes a knight buried in London.

“We quickly find out that the knight in question is Isaac Newton,” says Oliver. “So Isaac Newton, ‘work fruit,’ you mean apple, don’t you? Apple. It’s your first guess and it’s also your only guess and you’re right because it’s f — king apple. No one should need Robert Langdon, a Harvard-trained puzzle solver who f — ks, to get to the bottom of this. A child could solve this puzzle.

Oliver then plays a clip from the movie in which Hanks’ Langdon, after solving the puzzle, lays out an apple apple, which makes Oliver extremely upset. “My dad told me this book was good! Everyone’s dad did it, ”the host later notes when explaining the startling popularity of“ The Da Vinci Code ”.

The entire video is worth watching as Oliver repeatedly acknowledges the ridiculousness of his video’s premise, in which it must be said that he makes a very valid point. Watch the whole rant above.

“Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” returns to HBO in February and “The Da Vinci Code” is currently airing on Peacock if you suddenly feel like revisiting the Ron Howard-directed adaptation after watching the video.

And no one tells Oliver that they did a Peacock series based on the adventures of Robert Langdon.


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