Kanye West declares February ‘Black Future Month’ in poetic video – Billboard


Kanye West prepares the release of 2 February 22 with a celebration of black culture and the transformation of Black History Month into “Black Future Month”.

The six-minute speech, filmed and uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday (February 8), finds Ye at the center of a group of people wearing hoodies, describing the disparities he feels as a black man in America and, specifically , as a Black. man with a family.

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“America is made to enslave us, what did they give us?” he proclaims the rap style in the clip. “We would improve. We haven’t shown it, it’s documented, now it’s cemented, lack of future it’s time to invent it. If Ye said it, you know he meant it. There is no more Black History Month, with each February reminding us that we can barely vote.

“We shouldn’t have to be a tech genius, a basketball god, a music wizard to be able to hold your family back,” he continued, before noting that it’s been “four or five days.” since he has not seen his children. “But us in America, right? It’s like that. When they write the story, when they write the narrative, when they take something strong and make it look embarrassing, when they take something weak and even try to draw a comparison, when you say something strong thing and they say you’re arrogant.

To change the narrative, Ye declares February Black Future Month. “If we want to talk about black history? Who wrote this story for us? They shoot down ideas that will keep you mentally enslaved, they target you, they put you in this box to control your mind and scare you,” he said. “I have no fear left in me, so all I have is love. I’ve been waiting for us to take the power into our own hands. I’ve been waiting for us to control our narrative.

Watch Ye’s full video here.

The rapper previously dropped “The Future Brunch” on Sunday, Feb. 6, which was the first step in his mission to make his statement more than just a social media moment. Co-hosted by hollywood unblocked owner Jason Lee, the brunch brought together a think tank of 50 black journalists and media executives to discuss a number of ways to amplify black voices.

Guests included BET exec. Vice President, Specials, Music Programming and Music Strategy Connie Orlando; Fox Soul head of programming James DuBose; Amber Rasberry, Senior Director of Creative Cinema at Amazon Studios; Spotify Creative Director, Urban Music Manager Carl Chery; and Atmosphere writer DeMicia Inman, as well as journalists from Billboard, Gasoline, Ebony, The New York Times, Forbes and In the style. Halfway through the conversation, surprise guest, NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown joined.

After the brunch, the first Sunday service in the presence of the media was carried out.


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