King pledges to work with Scotland for the ‘wellbeing of our country and its people’


He was responding to a motion of condolence at Holyrood. Former prime ministers, including Alex Salmond, and presidents, including Lord Steel of Aikwood, were in the public gallery.

As the leaders of the three main Unionist parties proclaimed “God save the King”, Patrick Harvie, co-leader of the Scottish Greens and fierce Republican, took a more grumpy tone.

He said some saw the late Queen’s long reign and the institution of the monarchy as representing “continuity”, but argued that “progress cannot be stopped” on issues such as gender equality.

“A Refuge and a Home”

Responding to the motion, the King said: “In all the years of her reign, the Queen, like so many generations of our family before her, has found in the hills of this land and in the hearts of her people, a refuge and a home.

“My mother felt, as I did, the greatest admiration of the Scottish people for their magnificent achievements and indomitable spirit, and it was the greatest comfort to her to know in her turn the true affection in which she was held.

“Knowing this deep and enduring bond should be comfort to us as we mourn the end of a lifetime of matchless service.”

He added that he was determined to follow the Queen’s inspiring example.

Scottish titles

The King also noted that he had passed on his Scottish titles, including to the Duke of Rothesay, to his eldest son William, who he said would be “as proud as I have been to wear the symbols of this ancient kingdom “.

Nicola Sturgeon moved the motion of condolence and shared an anecdote that amused the King about how her husband saved one of the late Queen’s corgis from electrocution during a stay at Balmoral.

The Prime Minister has told how Peter Murrell stopped the dog, a puppy named Sandy, from chewing on a light switch after a light started flashing before dinner.

“To my great concern he was, after all, in the presence of Her Majesty, my husband suddenly got up and rushed to the floor,” the prime minister said.

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