Liberian Poet Presents “The Bicentenary Through Poetry”


— Representative Clarence Massaquoi buys 100 books

A renowned Liberian writer and poet, Lekpele M. Nyamalon, has launched a poetry event in Monrovia in honor of Liberia’s bicentenary.

The event brought together a diverse and multi-generational audience, including Liberians at home and abroad, as well as members of INGOs and NGOs, and members of the diplomatic corps.

In this colorful yet solemn event, he attempted to tell a story of the founding of the Liberian nation from the arrival of liberated people of color in 1822, until 2022. The event was a mosaic of cultural performances, guitars and piano recitals which symbolized the cultural mix that characterizes the blending of cultures in contemporary Liberian life.

The event featured performances by Liberians of different genders and generations, through dance, poetry, music, and more.

Held in the Living Room of the Royal Grand Hotel, the event was a scene of classic finesse with poems depicting Liberia’s journey of trials and triumphs. Some of the poems read include: ‘Scars of a Weary Nation’, ‘A Nation in Love’, ‘Shadows of Glory’, ‘We Are Here’, ‘Holding our Fathers’ Bags’ etc. Other performances included readings and performances. young poets.

Meanwhile, Representative Clarence Massaquoi purchased 100 copies of the book “Scary Dreams,” an anthology of the Liberian Civil War, written by poet Lekpele M. Nyamalon.

Representative Massaquoi purchased the books to distribute to members of the Liberian public. He also promised to buy 100 more copies at a later date.

In separate remarks, the South African Ambassador to Liberia, Professor Iqbal Jhazbhay, spoke about Liberia’s role in the fight against apartheid and praised the poetry evening, an event he described as an event charged with pan-Africanism.


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