Lieper Publication has teamed up with poet Asha Ponnachan to publish her first book


Asha Ponnachan describes herself as a deeply sensitive woman who communicates through storytelling. It is this art of storytelling that manifests itself in his writing, acting, dancing and other creative pursuits.

His book “The Moon at my window” was launched worldwide.

“Writing has been a journey of discovery for me. Not only about myself, but also about the world around me, nature, people, sensitivities and sensitivities, mental health, emotional well-being and the challenges people face in life daily. It is an ongoing journey, not to one particular destination, but to many milestones along the path of developing and sharing stories that can have a positive impact in this world. Art, and writing in particular, has helped me find my voice, which evolves with life and new experiences. Writing is also where I found my calling, my purpose, not just in the act of writing but in storytelling, giving voice to stories that might otherwise have gone unheard. otherwise. Through writing and art, I help empower the community around me. It is an effective tool for improving mental health and emotional well-being. I have facilitated various workshops around this theme and the continued positive impact on the community encourages me to do more.” Said Asha.

In addition to writing and performing in theatre, Asha Ponnachan has had an illustrious career in marketing and communications in the corporate sector as well as the arts sector for over a decade. She continues to support the Canadian not-for-profit and arts sector through her marketing expertise.

According to Asha, “where there is art, there is hope”.

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