“Lieper Publication Reveals Book Cover of Their Canadian Poet Asha Ponnachan”


Lieper Publication today shared a video of Asha Ponnachan on her official Instagram account, announcing that she had signed a book with them, and a few hours later they revealed the cover of her book “The Moon at My Window “.

The book contains poetry and we had the chance to learn a little more about Asha and her journey:
“I’ve always been able to communicate my thoughts and emotions more evocatively and effectively through writing. Although I write in various genres, poetry remains my most cherished creative output. It is not only a cathartic experience but also an intellectual and emotional exercise that leads to poetic beauty. I paint with words and create an image for me and the reader to enjoy.

I don’t remember deciding to be a writer or choosing that as a career. For me, writing was and is part of me. It’s something I do, like breathing, instinctively and necessarily. One of my recent quotes best describes my love affair with writing: “My lips are forever sealed but my words roam free…and my friend, that’s where you’ll find me.”

Speaking to the CEO of Lieper Publication, Faheem said, “I’m really excited about this book. When we met Asha, I realized that she was an intellectual with whom I should collaborate on this book and when we checked her poems we decided to publish this book on the spot”

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