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“A Place Apart” (Revival Press) is Kieran Beville’s latest collection of poems. In this book, the author writes in a confessional mode. He is centered and self-aware. It would be misleading to think that denominational poets simply lament in a vacuum as they work within the confines of poetry. In a mostly autobiographical way, these poems highlight the distress that unbalances his inner life.

There are lyrical love poems like “Bouquet”, an extended analogy of love offered in the form of a bouquet of colorful flowers with the exhortation to accept it “before the wind and frost set bare/the color of this world you have created/in the sun of your care.’

A poem of loss and grief such as Requiem presents a series of postcards from the autobiographical self.

For poems about creativity, read Hatching and Manna for the Mind, they offer seemingly different sources of inspiration. Hatching connects the ideas stimulated by the observation of nature:

Dreaming on the page,

incubating embryonic thoughts,

the words hatch

hungry to be fed

to thrilling rhythms.

While in Manna for the Mind, he “sometimes wanders off into the spirit world / through a spirit portal”. / There I sit and silent / waiting…’ In either case, the inspiration for the poems comes mysteriously, confirming what Muldoon says: the first place.”

The idea of ​​being and belonging is asserted with confidence in his poem Limerick which is his homage to the City. The poem garners a boost of praise in the regularity of its rhyme and in the balancing lines. It begins with “City of bridges and steeples” and continues by describing its historical, architectural and cultural heritage:

Brotherhood of Dockers and Doctors

Clash of the ash, smack of sliotar

Cauldron of rugby and our pub culture.

Its ancient walls, wide and strong.

People’s hearts full of song!

The poem ends with the couplet of recognition and sense of belonging:

This is where I came to rest / this is where my soul is blessed.

This collection opens up the poet’s inner self for the world to see and reading the poems is also eye-opening for the reader, who becomes a part of this examined life. ‘A Place Apart’ is available from Mahoney’s Bookstore or online at

-Anton Floyd is a poet based in West Cork

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