Literator in khaki, the inspector of the police station of Barke, Jyotirling C Honakatti, winner of the Trijala Sangama award


Literator in khaki, the inspector of the police station of Barke, Jyotirling Chandram Honakatti, recipient of the “Marali Samskritige Trijala Sangama Prize”, which was presented to him at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, in Bangalore, on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

Mangaluru: He may have spent most of his life as a police officer, but there is more to Barke Police Station Inspector Jyotirling Chandram Honakatti to add. His personal life is radically different from his line of work, however, besides being the man in khaki, he is an avid literature lover and literature writer. It is difficult to characterize him as simply the policeman, who has been involved in cracking down on various crimes in the city. Digging deeper, you find a man who makes literature gush out, like he prey on criminals and troublemakers.

Born in Haralayyahatti in Indi Taluk-Vijayapura district, Jyotirling Honakatti after his studies in B.SC & MA, he joined as a police inspector at Barke Mangaluru police station. In addition to his duties as a police officer, he is the master of various literatures he wrote, namely “Janapada Butti”; “Appa Hadida Hadugalu”; “Govu Ulidare Naavu Ulidevu” and also a CD- “dari myalina hola – basic folk songs live. He has to his credit the awards, the “Gold Medal 2010 of the award of the Chief Minister of Karnataka”; “Kanak Prize -2014 ″; Navarasapura Utsava Vijayapura Award -2015 ”; “Karnataka Bosana Sirigannada Prize”; ”MathruBhumi Prize of the Folk Sahitya Council-2018 ″; ”International Aryabhata Bangalore Prize -2019 ″; “Aydakki Lakkamma Maraya is the ideal couple -2019”; “Swami Vivekananda International Award -2020”.

He has participated in various programs, to name a few: All India Kannada Literacy Conference; Bidar, Vijayapura, Dharwad, Kalburgi. World Conference on Literacy in Kannada; has appeared on many TV and radio channels: Akashvani Dharwad among others. He provided information on the national agricultural system; Information on the Siridhans; Information on a drug-free lifestyle. Ha has participated in over 50 public conversations on various interesting topics. Married to Mrs. Shivaranjini, graduate of M Sc, he has three children, Miss Gayana in 5th grade, Swarna in 3rd grade at St Joseph School, Belgavi; and Ghandarwa, 3 and a half years old.

A poem “APPUIGE” written by Jyotirling in homage to the late Kannada Super Star Puneeth Rajkumar, which he gave to Puneeth’s brother Shivaraj Kumar, in Bengaluru recently

Not hiding his love for literature, he remembers that it was at the beginning of his training as a police officer that he began to write literature and folk songs. Although the police work took almost all of his time, his interest in literature and poetry continued, he was still able to write a lot of literature and folk songs. He may be a man of letters at heart, but he also took on enormous responsibility as a police officer.

Recently, he wrote a poem “APPUIGE” in tribute to Puneeth Rajkumar, the late Kannada Super Star, which he gave to Puneeth’s brother, Shivaraj Kumar, a few days ago in Bengaluru. And on November 21, the ‘Marali Samskritige Trijala Sangama Award’, which was presented to him at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru.

Jyotirling was the man behind the implementation for the time of a FIRST STEAM INHALATION PLANT of its kind which was installed at Barke Police Station in the town on the initiative of the Police Inspector Jyotirling Honakatti. This steam inhalation unit was set up after consultation with Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathic professionals, and after approval from the Police Commissioner was installed on April 29, 2021, at the Barke police station. This facility was for the use of police personnel as well as visitors to the station, and three people at a time can use this facility.

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