McDonald’s Super Bowl ad features a surprising celebrity


Although Ye might seem like a random choice for a McDonald’s Super Bowl ad, he actually made it clear that he’s a fan of the fast-food chain. In 2018, he declared the Twitter, “McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant,” and he even penned a poem dedicated to the brand (via People). The poem, which was published in Frank Ocean’s “Boys Don’t Cry” magazine in 2016, deconstructs the one McDonald’s menu item that everyone else is “jealous” of: French fries. “I always knew french fries were evil, man. …I don’t trust any food that smells like this guy,” the book reads. Obviously, Ye has some beef with McDonald’s fries to overshadow the rest of the menu, but he acknowledges that they have their strengths: “These fries look good, but I knew the Diet Coke was jealous of the fries / I knew the McNuggets. was jealous of the fries,” the poem continues.

If the McDonalds Super Bowl commercial had shown Ye’s final food decision, we would have had to guess it would have included an order of fries – either for Ye to hate eating in the car, or to bring to friends because he knows they are the ultimate menu item. And for dessert, he’d order the only McDonald’s dish that, according to his poem, isn’t “jealous of fries:” “…that special guy / That slick apple pie.”

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