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Meadowlark Press has announced the release of a new book of poetry.

“Songs for Ghosts” is the second collection of poetry by Californian poet Julia Valin. His first collection was “The Distance Between”, published by Six Ft. Swells Press in 2011.

“Nothing dies for good in this collection of poetry,” according to a press release from the publisher. “In a clean, free-verse rock ‘n’ roll style, Valin celebrates the moments that make and break us, the journeys that invigorate us, the people who mean the world to us, and the feelings attached to the relentless entrance and release of those moments. Memories intertwined with songs are a pattern, and, with a soundtrack (linked to Spotify – playlist titled ‘Songs for Ghosts Book Soundtrack’) included in the spine, the book reads as if it were an invitation to hang out with the poet, listening to his handmade mixtape.

Meadowlark Press stated that Valin turns songs into poems, “since she is perpetually influenced by music and was too shy to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band”.

His work has appeared in a number of publications including The Gasconade Review, The Black Shamrock, The Poeming Pigeon, Chiron Review, Red Fez, and more. She has also been included in anthologies and collections, including Epic Rites Press’ Punk Rock Chapbook series. She is a book designer for her own company, Self to Shelf Publishing Services; she works at her community library; and she is also a co-founder of Six Ft. Swell Press. She loves to artistically stack books on her bedside table and run around in the woods knowing that nothing is really chasing her. She lives in Northern California with her husband and daughter.

“Julie Valin’s poems in Songs for Ghosts are that crackle and pop of the needle hitting the record, the first flash of moonlight through the window, the thud in the chest when love calls, the sound of a radio on in an empty room, and the songs you choose to play when ghosts appear,” said Todd Cirillo. “There’s a deep rhythm to these poems. They’re that 1980s synthesizer first kiss , the circa 1991 alternative combat boot kick through the heart, the razor edge of punk that leaves scars it can be proud of, and they soothe and sin like the blues.

“Julie Valin is a poet of bars and jukeboxes, buttercups and bird ghosts, snapshots and lazy angels,” said Kirsten Casey, Poet Laureate of Nevada County, California. “In her collection, Songs for Ghosts, she takes her reader on a brisk ride, filled with music and sunshine, nostalgia and hope. She tells the reader, “All the poets have said it right before.” , but that doesn’t stop Valin from saying it in her own way. The poems offer the reader a dynamic, honest and melodic adventure, in a world where she lets us know from the start: “I am the radio left on in a room void.” Valin’s affection for the connection between music and memory is a recurring, recurring theme in her poems. It is as if the reader is sitting next to her when she writes: ‘… I return to the Blues, / sip my coffee / with a splash of bourbon, / watch the record spin behind the glass, / and listen to the poets sing / Words of 80 years / to fill me up / once again.’ It’s an invitation to grab a bar stool and immerse yourself in dazzling Songs for Ghosts.

“Songs for Ghosts” is $15 and available for purchase at or wherever you buy books.

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