Meet award-winning author and poet Elizabeth Acevedo


National Poetry Slam Champion Elizabeth Acevedo’s best-known spoken word poem comes to life in the all-new illustrated book titled, Legacy: a visual poem. Paired with colorful and vibrant illustrations by artist Andrea Pippins, Inheritance: A Visual Poem addresses Elizabeth’s experiences as an Afro-Latinidad and the traits and struggles she inherited through her racial and ethnic heritage.

Elizabeth says Buffalo is one of her favorite places. She says, I did a lot of college tours when I started my spoken word show and Buffalo was one of those places that really loved me.

Elizabeth says Inheritance was originally a spoken word poem she wrote over thirteen years ago when she was a senior in college and it came from a place of anger to want to express that I don’t I wasn’t ashamed of my ancestors, I wasn’t ashamed of my hair, I was sick of being told I had to fix it and straighten it to be accepted and loved. She says the poem came out of that moment when you are not going to tell me anymore that I have something to fix because there is nothing broken in me. Elizabeth now says we’re in a moment where I wanted to offer it again, less out of anger and more as an invitation of love and acceptance with these beautiful images that show so much pride.

Legacy: A visual poem is now available wherever books are sold

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