Meet Lily Ebert as a 98-year-old Holocaust survivor becomes TikTok star


A 98-year-old Holocaust survivor named Lily Ebert is taking over TikTok these days as she shares her story with the world.

Lily, along with her great-grandson Dov Forman, has garnered a huge following on TikTok as the two collectively share the premiere’s story as an Auschwitz survivor.

Talking about Lily today has special significance because January 27, 2022 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Meet Holocaust survivor Lily Ebert on TikTok

Lily has over 1.6 million subscribers on ICT Tac and his videos have amassed over 23.6 million likes on the platform.

The Auschwitz survivor and her 18-year-old great-grandson opened their TikTok account during lockdown in 2020.

Pretty soon, Lily and her stories went viral on the platform, with several of her videos amassing millions of views. She often speaks candidly about her life during the Holocaust and the years that followed. She also answers questions from her viewers.

In a video, she revealed that after American soldiers freed her, she lived in German houses for a moment.

In another video, she details being hungry for long periods in Auschwitz. Lily explained: “Luckily I’m not a big eater but some people have starved to death.”

Lily’s TikTok is not for the faint of heart as she described it many more horrors of his stay in the concentration camps.

Lily Ebert’s life explored

In a recent interview with SCS, Lily thought back to the day the Auschwitz camp was liberated 77 years ago.

The survivor was 20 years old when she arrived at the camp and the guards immediately took away her mother, brother and one of her sisters.

Read revealed that they were taken to the gas chambers the very afternoon of their arrival.

When Auschwitz was liberated, Lily remember get a German banknote from an American GI who wrote a message on it. The note read, “Good life, good luck with your future.”

After being released from the camps, Lily and her three sisters began to rebuild their family life in Switzerland. They found his older brother, Imi, in 1953.

In 1946 the sisters moved together to Palestine where Lily met her future husband, Shmuel.

The couple married in 1948 and had three children together. The family finally settled in London in 1967.

Along with telling her story via TikTok, the Holocaust survivor also co-wrote a book titled Lily’s Promise with his great-grandson, Dov.

Fans react to Lily’s TikToks

Lily’s fans often flood the comments section of her TikTok videos with positive messages.

Commenting on one of Lily’s videos featuring the concentration camp, one user wrote, “Went to Auschwitz, felt like someone put a bag of stones on my back.”

Another user was stunned to see Lily reciting a Hungarian poem she learned at school.

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