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Local author Heidi Barr has a new book called “Slouching into Radiance” which was released on April 12, 2022.

“Slouching into Radiance” is a collection of nature poetry, meditations, gentle advice and thought-provoking inspiration. It is an invitation to start where you are, to find beauty and healing in the things of everyday life, and to make the choices that lead to living fully in the way that works best.

“This book flows with the arc of the day. For me, dawn is the time to reflect before moving on to noon, which is all about advice and suggestions. Mid-afternoon represents the storms and surrender – a way to go around and sail,” Barr explained. “And the golden hour happens in the late afternoon. This time it’s about invitations and blessings. Dusk gets into the importance of solitude and community,” Barr said.

“Slouching to Radiance” features works by local artist Emily Anderson.

“I was familiar with Emily’s work and thought it fit perfectly with the theme of my books.”

This is the fifth book written by Barr whose work consists of: “12 Tiny Things”, “Cold spring hallelujah”, “What comes Next”, “Woodland Manitou: To Be on Earth” and “Prairie Grown: Stories and Recipes from a South Dakota Hill.

Originally from South Dakota, Barr has lived just outside of Lindstrom, MN for 12 years with her husband and 10-year-old daughter where they tend a large vegetable garden, explore nature and do their best to live. simply.

“My daughter loves drawing, art and exploring outdoors,” Barr said. “She’s a great companion to have.”

“Growing up, I loved writing stories and poems. In high school and college, I drifted away from writing, but around 2007-2008, I jumped on the blogging bandwagon,” explained Barr.

“I started writing about my experiences hiking and exploring the area. This eventually evolved into my first book in 2016, which was a cookbook inspired by the parents’ farm that included recipes for each months of the year.

“My second book ‘Woodland Manitou: To Be on Earth’ came out in 2017 and was based on essays on the St. Croix Valley. From there I continued to write and people responded positively “said Barr.

In addition to authoring a series of non-fiction books, Barr also works as a wellness coach, has a master’s degree in faith and health ministries, and is the editor. from Wayfarer Magazine.

In 2022, Barr became a Poet of Place with ArtReach St. Croix. She is one of the five poets of the Sainte-Croix valley who will be the defenders and ambassadors of poetry and creativity in the lower Sainte-Croix valley. Similar to a Poet Laureate program, the Poets of Place program seeks to be representative of the rich and diverse cultures of poetry in the region.

Over the next two months, Barr will be busy attending podcasts and other promotional events for her new release. One of the events includes a book launch at ArtReach St. Croix in Stillwater on May 5, 2022.

Barr recently signed another book deal for a non-fiction that will be released in January 2023.

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