Multi-award-winning author Tony J. Selimi publishes a selection of inspired poems in the anthology ‘Novum # 10’


Tony Jeton Selimi, author of The Unfakeable Code®, winner of the Literary Titan Prize 2021

Tony J. Selimi Photo Interview on Brian Tracy Show for NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX

Brian Tracy interviews award-winning entrepreneur Tony J. Selimi on his show for NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX

Best-selling author Tony J. Selimi publishes Take Off The Mask, Your Soul is Waiting®, a selection of inspired poems guaranteed to awaken the wisdom of your soul.

An invisible well can be found, in the world hidden from your friend’s eyes, keep looking with an open eye, you will be received with an open heart.

– Tony J. Selimi

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Take off the mask, your soul is waiting®, a selection of poems inspired by award-winning Tony Jeton Selimi, # 1 international bestselling author, celebrity life coach, business consultant, filmmaker, poet and speaker.

Discover how the spiritually channeled and inspired poetry of Tony’s heart can positively impact your being, transforming your emotions, thoughts, experiences and perceptions so that you can be true to yourself for a more lifestyle. calm, happier, more genuine and more successful, leading, and loving.

The release of a selection of Take Off The Mask by Tony Jeton Selimi, Your Soul is Waiting® the poetry channeled in the latest Anthology ‘Novum # 10’ is already making waves in the world of poetry and literature. Selimi’s intuitive poetry is unique in that each of them is written for a specific person who either challenged him to the deepest or inspired him to reach for his star. The traits of these people are revealed through transcendent language in a series of poems that brandish life’s challenges at its rewards. The author invites you to embark on a mental, emotional and spiritual quest towards self-realization.
Each of the poems takes you on a journey of self-reflection to awaken us to the awareness that no mask on the outside can hide the truth that our genuine, genuine and tamper-proof being knows inside.

Take off the mask, your soul is waiting® selecting a new genre of poetry inspired by Tony Jeton Selimi gives you glimmers of hope on the horizon despite the darkness that may lurk in every corner. Every verse hides wisdom on how to change your behavior, how to change your life. Poet, Tony Jeton Selimi’s writing is personal, engaging and transformative. With experience as an expert in cognition, life and business coach specializing in human behavior and the psychology of health, wealth and success, having worked with CEOs, global leaders, celebrities in ‘Hollywood, his call and dedication to poetry shines through each of his poems and is both powerful and inspiring.

Must-read poetry is a compelling, scientific argument for being more authentic at home, socially, and at work. It helps unleash the power that words carry and embody the traits of those who challenge and support us as we embrace our tamper-proof individuality. Each poem can help you harmonize body-mind-heart intelligence to cope with any form of anxiety, conflict, stress and willfully create a tamper-proof personality and inspired destiny.

This selection of poems is ideal for those looking to discover a new way to:

• Grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually
• Watch, engage and transform reality
• Awaken the wisdom of the wise
• Remove the mask of innocence, rights and wrongs, and judgment, allowing the truth about the scope of suffering to manifest with love.
• Infuse your life with a sense of limitless freedom and untapped potential. And more!

Combining more than 40 years of research, study and inspiring testimony, the book contains the works of other established writers, poets and teachers. Novum Book # 10 is a must read for anyone looking to learn, grow, and reprogram their minds with the knowledge that helps them lead authentic lives filled with love, courage, inspiration, and a unlimited potential.

Who can benefit from reading Novum # 10?

Whether it’s haikus, short stories, poems or tales, there is nothing to be desired. Funny stories but also tragic fates make this collection a pleasant reading experience! It is a perfect gift book for anyone looking for more of themselves and life, especially those seeking mental, emotional, physical, relationship, financial, business, and professional growth and well-being. spiritual.

About the Author

Born in 1969 in the city of Gostivar, Republic of North Macedonia, Tony Jeton Selimi has grown from homeless and penniless to an internationally renowned TEDx speaker, award-winning author and cognition expert specializing in human behavior, the emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, wealth. construction and excellence of leadership by profession, filmmaker, poet and writer by divine anointing.

Selimi travels the world to assist people from all professions and companies from all market sectors engaged in high stress performance, productivity and purpose missions. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Global Leaders, Hollywood Celebrities A list and people from all professions consult it to get off the ground, boost their confidence, make better decisions, clarify what they want, broaden their vision, become better speakers, liberate their magnificence, excel in all critical areas of life, and live fulfilled, authentically and freely on their terms. Organizations seek his expertise to increase productivity, performance, profits and the general well-being of employees.

When writing his first poem at the age of eight, Tony has always been fascinated by the words and emotions they can conjure up when released. He holds a BA in Engineering and Organizational Behavior Management from University College London, has built a career in information technology where he has successfully led multi-million pound technology transformation programs, and now travels the world to educate, inspire and transform people’s lives through his lectures, seminars, coaching and consulting, books, online courses, documentaries and VIP advanced learning retreat for mastery in business and life. Vital Planning.

Tony currently resides in London, UK, where he consults full-time with clients from all professional backgrounds and companies from all sectors of the market while continuing his career of coaching, training, writing and directing. movies. Selimi is the creator of the documentary series Into Your Divinity, Climb Greater Heights and the co-creator of the multi-award winning documentary Living My Illusion.

He is the recipient of the London SME Most Visionary Entrepreneur 2020 and Literary Titan award and has been featured on BBC Radio, SKY, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, reaching over 100 million people.

Novum # 10 Volume 6 is available in paperback at
Format: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
Number of pages: 210
ISBN: 978-3-99107-947-7
Release date: 06/30/2021
Price: £ 14.90

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