mural brings poetry to life in a street art project on the Uptown building | Local News


Dean Tawwater, owner of Tawwater Sign Co., spent a week painting the mural from the artist’s drawing. Tawwater joined others involved in the project at the unveiling on Saturday, encouraged by representatives and patrons of the Racine arts community.

Tawwater said he painted from left to right so he could see the story of the dead squirrel as it unfolds in the style of the graphic novel. Now that he’s finished, he said, he feels a special artistic connection with the poet.

“It’s more than just a sign – that’s for sure,” he said.

Tawwater also assured that, based on the quality of the materials it used, the mural will last for years to come.

“It’s here to stay,” he said.

At the unveiling, Harris presented those in attendance with a recitation from “When I die, bury a tree.” In addition to writing poetry, she owns Amore’s Natural Hair Studio salon in Racine.

Asked by viewers how she decided to write about a dead squirrel, Harris responded with a touch of artistic minimalism.

“I found a dead squirrel. It freaked me out, “she said.” I wrote a poem about it. Now it’s on a wall.


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