My aunt and I, 4 generations


A multigenerational show not to be missed. Creativity can run in families. My Aunt and I, 4 Generations explores such a family, from singer Delia Murphy and her sister Angela to the stage presence of Angela’s granddaughter, Ríanna.

It streams pandemic poetry — YouTube video poems — from local writer Carmen Cullen, daughter of Angela and niece of Delia, and the world of her artist daughter, Jeni Roddy.

There is a fictional account, written by Carmen and read on stage by her granddaughter Rhianna.

The show also includes the songs and stories of iconic singer Delia Murphy.

All pandemic poems are embellished by the unique contributions of local artists. Images by Deirdre Ridgway, music by Gerry Anderson and videography by Conor McGowan.

My aunt and I examine the challenges women face as artists, how the artistic pursuit can compensate for loss, and how it is a driving force to move the inner life forward.

For Carmen, the Covid-19 lockdowns gave her time to write 41 poems, set in her childhood and organize a collaborative effort to turn them into video-poems. She thinks the innovation gives the poems an extra dimension, making them accessible to both the eyes and the ears. Each poem is a combination of imagery or video, music, and spoken and written words.

My Aunt and Me explores the moments of change where creativity becomes an influence on future generations. Delia Murphy changed the world of Irish song by defying convention and championing the Irish ballad. A woman of talent and courage when repression by church and state was the order of the day, she was a shining light on the Irish music scene from the late thirties to the fifties. Married to Ambassador Thomas Kirwan, she was an artist in her own right. Liam Clancy says that without Delia Murphy, they wouldn’t have had the courage to record their ballads. Carmen has 15 of her mother Angela’s songs also recorded by HMV.

Saturday April 16, 2022 at 8 p.m. – Ticket €15. or call the booking office on 01 2010550


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